Tasmania, Australia: Pure-bred pit bulls now “dangerous,” must be neutered

Dog laws bite back

May 02, 2010 12:01am

The laws will bring Tasmania into line with other states and the restricted status means all pure-bred pit bulls, even ones which have not bitten, will be treated like dangerous dogs and must be de-sexed.

In public, they will have to be muzzled, wear warning collars in red and yellow, be controlled by an adult and be kept on a short lead.

Owners must put approved signs on their gates warning the public there is a restricted dog and there will be controls on selling and buying pit bulls.[…]

Of the state’s 98 dogs declared to be dangerous, only 13 are American pit bulls, supporting Mr Rigby’s prediction that restricting the breed will not lead to a significant decline in dog bites.

Story retrieved May 2, 2010 from http://www.themercury.com.au/article/2010/05/02/143451_tasmania-news.html

One response to “Tasmania, Australia: Pure-bred pit bulls now “dangerous,” must be neutered

  1. Laurel M. Ashley

    Actions determine if a dog is in fact dangerous and not appearance and breed. It is unfair and unreasonable to declare a whole breed dangerous and impose different restrictions on it than on any other dogs. Well behaved dogs and responsible owners are then caused to suffer unjustly.