Barnhill, OH: BSL passed

Pit bull ordinance draws reaction

By Cindy Davis
The Times-Reporter
Posted May 08, 2010 @ 10:33 PM

BARNHILL, OH — Many were in attendance for Saturday’s Barnhill Village Council meeting to address the recent passage of a new ordinance that limits the number of pit bulls to one per residence.[…]

After their presentation, however, council stood firm on the ordinance explaining that they weren’t doing what they wanted to do necessarily but what the majority of the residents wanted, which is why they were elected in the first place.

It was noted by McClelland that HB 79 is pending and if passed would ban any and all pit bull legislation.

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[ED Note: The last paragraph in this article is not factual. HB 79 would not prohibit municipalities in OH from passing BSL. It only removes the breed-specific language in state law.]

4 responses to “Barnhill, OH: BSL passed

  1. Robin McClelland

    Yes, I agree, that is not an accurate statement and actually mine, either. It was not a direct quote either and it is also not exactly what was said. Bear in mind, many “reporters” here have never taken one journalism class in their life.

    We did not agree to the time limit, we were told in no uncertain terms how it would be: One speaker on behalf of all the group that showed on behalf of the dogs; or each having a minute only (60 seconds).

    We were shown into a small cubicle size room (many of us did not know eachother) and given a few minutes to discuss and decide.

    I went back to the officials and told them we felt this unfair, was told they are not going to change it, but continued to ask that they consider 3 speakers, 2 minutes each, to which they agreed.

    If anyone knows of any litigation involving targeted individuals or rescues in Ohio, kindly contact me at . Thanks! Robin McClelland

  2. Robin McClelland

    It should also be noted that we specifically discussed if Barnhill would keep the imposed ordinance should HB79 pass, the response from the solicitor was most likely.

  3. stopbslcom

    Thanks for your extra insight, Robin!

    I have encountered many cases where “journalists” misquote and ultimately mislead. I felt it was important to clarify here because of the potential for readers to misunderstand what HB 79 might mean for them.

  4. Robin McClelland

    Yes, I wholeheartedly agree!