Ontario, Canada: MPP introduces bill to lift five-year-old ban on pit bulls

MPP introduces bill to lift five-year-old ban on pit bulls

Veterinarians urge law change to target aggressive dogs

By Linda Nguyen, Canwest News Service May 11, 2010 8:28 AM

Nearly five years after a controversial pit bull ban came into effect in Ontario, critics are still fighting to have the legislation overturned, arguing that it has led to the unwarranted deaths of hundreds of dogs yet has not decreased the number of dog attacks.

One of the people leading the fight is Ontario MPP Cheri DiNovo, who introduced a private member’s bill Monday urging for the immediate removal of the amendment targeting pit bulls in the Dog Owner’s Liability Act.

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3 responses to “Ontario, Canada: MPP introduces bill to lift five-year-old ban on pit bulls

  1. Laurel M. Ashley

    It is time for those with a little power not to misuse it by targeting innocents and proclaiming they have done something good.
    Ontario should lift the ban.
    As MPP Cheri DiNovo said: it is wrong-headed, silly and simply cruel.
    A dog is a danger to the public based on it’s action and not by how it looks. Address the issue of dangerous dogs without prejudice and do not place unfair legal, financial and emotional burdens on responsible dog owners and their innocent pets.

  2. selwyn marock South Africa

    It is a good thing that this article is now in contention in quite a large way but my stance has not changed this is 100% Political 0% to do with pitbulls.The only way to rid Ontario of this Evil is to rid Ontario of the current Fuerher Mçguinty and his lying Liberals.
    Vote the Murderers out.


  3. Brenda Rishea

    There is nothing wrong with pitbulls. Any dog will bite. The pitbulls are getting a bad rap. We are all gods creatures even pitbulls. I wonder how the politicians that go along with this murdering of a helpless animal sleep at night. We as a people have let the politicians go to far in regards to these living breathing creatures.
    Did politicians never hear the word extinct.and want something done to help extinct animals well ptbulls are going to be on that list if we do not stop this stupidity.