Carthage, MS: “Pit bull” ban passed, no grandfather clause

Thanks to Jodi for bringing this into the spotlight.

Carthage has no leash law. This quote from the city attorney, Alan Rhea, boggles the mind: “By putting in the ban on the specific breeds,” the attorney said, “you eliminate having to prove the dogs are dangerous.”

Contact city officials and attorney:

City Hall, 212 Main Street, Carthage, MS 39051
Phone: 601-267-8322
Fax: 601-267-5955

Mayor Jimmy Wallace
Larwin Atkison, Ward 1
David Cockroft, Ward 2
Terry Jones, Ward 3
David Herrington, Ward 4

City Attorney: Nettles and Rhea Attorneys at Law, (601) 267-8404

Ban on pit bulls kicks in, enforcement urged

“Today’s the day,” [Mayor Wallace] told aldermen. “If there’s anybody with this breed of dog on their property, we’re now able to go in there and get it.”

The ordinance applies to pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

Article retrieved 5/12/2010 from

Animal ordinance

Aldermen also adopted an ordinance to ban certain breeds of dogs in the city.

[…]The initial list included American pit bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, Rottweilers and any half breed canines from the list.

The ordinance would take effect 30 days after publication and would include no “grandfather” provisions, Rhea said.

Alderman David Herrington moved that Rottweilers be removed from the list, pending further study, but otherwise there was no opposition to the amendment to the ordinance.

Article retrieved on April 8, 2010 from:

Read the whole ordinance here:

6 responses to “Carthage, MS: “Pit bull” ban passed, no grandfather clause

  1. selwyn marock South Africa

    Another bunch of fecking failing politicos trying to climb a political ladder.
    Sick Bastards Vote them out.

  2. waid prather

    Correction, Carthage has a leash law which it works to enforce.

  3. stopbslcom

    Waid, thanks, you are correct. It’s Leake County that does not, my mistake!

  4. Donna Jackson

    Its amazing to me that the only thing these idiots see are the problems. They don’t SEE the Pit Bulls who are SERVICE or SEARCH and RESCUE. They don’t see the Pit Bulls that let the children pull their ears and bounce on their backs while they sleep or eat. They don’t see the Pit Bulls that snuggle with you when you are sick or when a loved one dies and you need comfort. They don’t see the Pit Bull who would die to protect their families.

    I was always told that Diamonds are a girls best friend.. That is only because those women never had a Jade to love like I do.

    I’ll never visit their town.

  5. carol a. smith

    If you kick ANY DOG, AND CHAIN, TEASE, TOUNT, they will be mean….here is an addtion to your law. How about putting the OWNERS in confinment, and have their relitiveshave to pay to get them out. I know were I will not be living. Too ignorent. I could let my childern, and their freinds out in the word, knowing they are safe from harm with our dog. This is one of the only breeds I will have, they love with ALL there life , unlike some people.

  6. selwyn marock South Africa

    The people of Carthage have the power to Vote,well start campaigning and rid your town of these neo-Nazis.In 10 years of fighting Hitler’s Law have never heard such a Moronic comment as from this Imbecile Rhea “With this law we do not have to prove the dog is Dangerous” What does this mean?We have created a loophole in this act to murder any dog we feel like”
    Muslims beware! in Carthage these neo-Nazis will soon deem all Muslims are Terrorists and try and create a law wherein they do not have to prove it..These Madmen think they are on a roll,STOP THEM.
    !)Vote them out of Power.
    2)I beleive any reasonable lawyer could stop these Meglamaniacs in their tracks.