Lodi, NJ: BSL proposed

Update 5/17: Lodi, NJ has decided to drop the breed-specific proposal.

BSL is prohibited by NJ state law. Lodi’s proposal is modeled after the ordinance in Garfield, which was shot down after massive public protest earlier this week. It is not clear whether Lodi will take the hint and remove the breed-specific language.

Contact info for Lodi city officials:

City of Lodi, New Jersey
Debra A. Cannizzo, Borough Clerk
One Memorial Drive, 2nd Floor, Room 202, Lodi, NJ 07644
(973) 365-4005

Mayor Bruce Masopust, masopust@lodi-nj.org
Deputy Mayor Paula Fiduccia, fiduccia@lodi-nj.org
Councilman Thomas DeSomma, desomma@lodi-nj.org
Councilman Marc N. Schrieks, schrieks@lodi-nj.org
Councilwoman Karen Viscana, viscana@lodi-nj.org

Online contact form: http://www.lodi-nj.org/Contact/

Pit bull ordinance is modeled after Garfield’s measure

Last updated: Thursday May 13, 2010, 1:32 AM
Community News (Lodi Edition)

The borough council in Lodi is discussing the possibility of an ordinance regulating pit bulls.

The ordinance, still in draft form, would require specific licensing and control requirements for pit bulls if passed.

Article retrived 5/13/10 from http://www.northjersey.com/news/93653599_Pit_bull_ordinance_is_modeled_after_Garfield_s_measure.html

3 responses to “Lodi, NJ: BSL proposed

  1. are you serious? your putting these animals to shame, their wonderful loving dogs that deserve happy homes. Take a look at the dogs owners first and see how they raised them. At any time a dog could bite their human that is the risk everyone takes when they buy any animal. YOUR BRANDING THEM, JUST STOP!

  2. Garfield did the right thing by voting this ordinance down. Here’s to hoping Lodi does the same. Laws like this don’t address irresponsible owners. Breed specific laws are really difficult to enforce, that’s why other towns in NJ have taken them off the books and drafted dangerous dog laws that don’t discriminate by breed. It would be serious money, constant attention, and constant upkeep for Lodi to enforce these laws. And for what? They wouldn’t solve the problem anyway. NJ state law is clear, you can’t determine a dog is vicious by breed alone. It always starts with one breed and moves to another. More fees, more insurance, muzzles, fines if you don’t comply. It’s unethical and it’s controversial. Why get ensnared in this battle when there are better solutions? Dangerous dog laws work. They address the problem without discriminating based on breed. Let’s hope they make the right decision.

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