Toledo, OH: Draft bill doesn’t single out ‘pit bulls’ as vicious breed

Even though the changes proposed would remove breed-specific language from Toledo’s dog ordinance, Ohio state law automatically labels all “pit bulls” as “vicious.” That means any restrictions that Toledo places on “vicious” dogs, such as a limit of one vicious dog per household and mandatory spay/neuter, would also apply to “pit bulls.”

Ohio HB 79, if passed, would remove the “vicious” designation from “pit bulls,” thereby making Toledo’s proposed changes truly breed-neutral.

Toledo dog law may target behavior

Draft bill doesn’t single out ‘pit bulls’ as vicious breed

Article published May 13, 2010

[…]In the end, the Lucas County Dog Warden Advisory Committee reaffirmed its earlier intention of not singling out the “pit bull” as a vicious breed in the draft ordinance, which remains a work in progress.

[…]A vicious dog, for the purposes of the draft legislation, is one defined as such by state law or that has hurt or killed another dog. Because state law defines “pit bulls” as automatically vicious, the draft ordinance would require all of them in the city to be spayed or neutered.

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