Pointe Coupee Parish, LA: BSL discussed (10 breeds affected)

Pointe Coupee Parish appears to be moving forward with BSL that would affect owners of German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Boxers, Akitas, Chows, and four types of “pit bulls.” They have gone so far as to ask the major city inside the parish (New Roads) to also pass the breed-specific ordinance.

Previous alerts for Pointe Coupee Parish: http://stopbsl.com/?s=pointe+coupee

Contact information for Parish authorities:

Pointe Coupee Parish Police Jury
P.O. Box 290, New Roads, Louisiana 70760
(225) 638-9556 – Fax (225) 638-5555

District 1: Mr. Allen Monk
P.O. Box 285, Batchelor, LA 70715
(225) 492-3704

District 2: Mr. John Pourciau
3768 La. Hwy. 419W, Batchelor, LA 70715
(225) 492-2701

District 3: Mr. Russell Young (pushing for ban)
9005 Mandela Drive, New Roads, LA 70760
(225) 638-3941

District 4: Mr. Glenn Ray Cline
14110 Chenal Road, Jarreau, LA 70749
(225) 627-9511

District 5: Mr. Willie Olinde
P.O. Box 256, Ventress, LA 70783
(225) 638-8726

District 6: Mrs. Melanie Bueche (has expressed support for BSL)
11850 Hwy 416, Lakeland, LA 70752
(225) 627-4055

District 7: Mr. Albert Dukes
8979 Rodney Drive, New Roads, LA 70760
(225) 638-3383

District 8: Mr. Cornell Dukes
309 Railroad Street, New Roads, LA 70760
(225) 638-8778

District 9: Mrs. Janet Vosburg
9431 False River Road, New Roads, LA 70760
(225) 638-8328

District 10: Mr. Kurt Jarreau
P. O. Box 383, Livonia, LA 70755
(225) 637-2540

District 11: Mr. Joseph Bergeron, Sr.
P. O. Box 90, Fordoche, LA 70732
(225) 637-3486

District 12: Mr. Clifford Nelson
P. O. Box 336, Ventress, LA 70783
(225) 638-3589

Dog ordinance debated

* Special to The Advocate
* Published: May 26, 2010 – Page: 4B

NEW ROADS — […] Under an Animal Control Committee proposal, German shepherds, Doberman pinschers, Rottweilers, boxers, Akitas, chow chows and pit bulls would be subject to the ordinance.

The Police Jury decided to ask New Roads to adopt a similar animal-control ordinance because the proposed parish ordinance would not supersede city, town and village laws.

Article retrieved 5/26/10 from http://www.2theadvocate.com/news/94894564.html

5 responses to “Pointe Coupee Parish, LA: BSL discussed (10 breeds affected)

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  2. Laurel M. Ashley

    Oh the stupidity, I can hardly stand it.

  3. Patricia Surratt

    Is the Mayors email addy, fax #, any means of contact listed here?

    • stopbslcom

      Pointe Coupee Parish is managed by a Police Jury, not a mayor/council. The Police Jury members’ contact information is listed in the post.

  4. Laurel M. Ashley

    In this country we have a legal tradition of innocent until proven guilty and belief that laws should be applied fairly. Have you so completely lost sight of that that you could consider BSL a good thing?
    As a citizen of the US I would have thought I wouldn’t have to worry about in which local I could be stigmatized, penalized, and victimized because of what kind of dog I own.
    Of course the public and authorities want to control dangerous dogs but they are misguided and mistaken if they think it can be done by declaring it any specific breed.
    I am quite dismayed to see that my Rottweiler Service Dog could be deemed dangerous. No breed is dangerous only individual dogs.
    I applaud those who would want to apply logic and reason to the situation and craft a law that is fair and recognizes that it is actions and not the appearance of a dog that defines dangerousness.
    No US citizen should be subjected to unjustified expense and governmental intrusion when they, and their dogs have done nothing wrong. Any animal ordinance should be based on deed and not breed.
    BSL is bad, it is wrong, it is unconstitutional, ineffective and expensive. It opens municipalities to litigation.
    The appropriate and effective approach to prevent dog problems is to enact laws which are the same for all owners and breeds and are for the protection of the animals. Encourage spay/neuter of pets, and stop puppymill breeding.
    Focus on protecting dogs from abuse and exploitation by bad and irresponsible owners.
    It is time for those with a little power not to misuse it by targeting innocents and proclaiming they have done something good.
    Shame on anyone who would pass such an unjust law, who thinks it is fair to label dogs that have never harmed anyone as viscous and impose legal burden and expense on the owners.
    To put in place sanctions, penalties, and hardship for responsible owners and dogs that have done no harm and probably never will is unjust and unreasonable and should not be happening.
    This is more craziness without basis in fact and anyone proposing it should not hold public office.