Denver, CO: Campaign to end BSL

Campaign to End BSL: Operation Denver

The Goal

The objective of Operation Denver is to collect one mile of postcards that will be delivered directly to the Mile High City’s mayor, John W. Hickenlooper. Though the state prohibits municipalities from passing BSL, Denver’s breed ban was sort of grandfathered in, so we’re targeting the city itself.

The Postcards

To meet USPS’ regulations for the cheapest postcard, they have to be 4 x 6″ which means we need to collect 10,560 postcards for them to stretch one mile, end to end! And I know we can do it!

I created a simple template in Microsoft Word with text boxes aligned to meet the post office’s regulations. These postcards can be customized any way you’d like! Get creative! Use images, clip art, text boxes, fonts and colors. If you prefer to use another program (or even make one by hand!), please feel free as long as the measurements adhere to the regulations.

Postcard template in Microsoft Word: Postcard Template

Here’s the postcard I made: Emmett Postcard. Feel free to download the postcard I made and tweak it if that’s easier!

All postcards should be emailed to If you’d prefer to send a handmade card via U.S. Mail, please send an email to to get the mailing address!

[Get more info on the campaign at]

2 responses to “Denver, CO: Campaign to end BSL

  1. The campaign to end BSL is a great idea! I am joining, and know my friends and family will too! I’ll send a post card on behalf of all the poor Pitts that wree killed due to politics. I wonder how people would feel once faced with looking at all those poor babies? I hope more people will come to understand it’s the deed, not the breed!!!

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