Denmark: Ban on 13 breeds passes

Denmark has passed a ban on 13 breeds of dogs: Pitbull Terrier, Tosa Inu, American Staffordshire, Fila Brasileiro, Dogo Argentino, American Bulldog, Boerbel, Kangal, Central Asian Ovtcharka, Caucasian Ovtcharka, Southern Russian Ovtcharka, Tornjak and Sarplaninac.

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From the Denmark Folketinget website, via Google Translate:

Made 17-03-2010
referred to the committee 15-04-2010
Report submitted 01-06-2010
referred to the committee 03-06-2010
Addendum Report delivered 03-06-2010
processed, approved 04-06-2010

Ministers Zone

With the bill introducing a ban on hold and grow 13 listed breeds and their crosses in which these breeds included. The bill becomes effective on 1 July 2010. Establish a transition, so people who know Bill submission holds dogs covered by the ban may still possess them. The dogs may not be transferable and must be on sites where there is public access, always kept in tape and wear proper closed muzzled. Moreover, established a phasing scheme for persons who at the time of submitting the bill has established breeding with dogs covered by the ban. These individuals could continue their activities until 30 June 2015, but will after the Act shall not dispose of the prohibited dogs to buyers in Denmark. Moreover, the bill include band duty and publishers that labeling and registration age for dogs is reduced from four months to eight weeks.

The bill adopted by 56 votes (V, DF and CF, Pia Christmas-Møller (UFG)) v 4 (EL and LA, Christian H. Hansen (UFG)), 48 (S, SF and RV) voted either for or against.


8 responses to “Denmark: Ban on 13 breeds passes

  1. OUTRAGOUS! BANNING THE BULLDOG, how pathic can people be? this stuff has to stop before all dogs are banned!

  2. David Del Rio

    This has to be a very SAD DAY for the dog lovers and the people of Denmark. . This could be the start of a canser across Europe.

  3. Any BSL is just plain BS. It’s the owners, not the dogs. I’ve had a number of dogs listed on the banned list, with them being the most gentle dogs you can imagine.

  4. Banu Ergezen

    Instead of banning these dog breeds, Denmark should try to stop dog fighting which is already illegal and should ban the people who fight dogs, not the dogs themselves. Pretty soon other European countries will follow, the ban will expand, covering maybe many other breeds of dogs. With this mentality, you can also start banning breeding bulls, some breeds of horses and maybe even cats, they too can scratch very badly and bite terribly.:))

  5. The Danes are absolutely right to ban these breeds — and indeed, hopefully other European countries will follow. The explosive aggression in these breeds is genetically determined, never mind propaganda to the contrary. At this point, it’s clear that those who object to a ban are concerned about their own consumer choice, and not at all about animal welfare. In light of how many people AND OTHER ANIMALS these breeds are maiming and killing all over the world every day, it’s good that politicians are finally resisting the very vocal, affluent and often violent killer-breed lobby.

    Dog lovers won’t object to the ban, sick and tired of seeing normal, peaceful dogs killed by these breeds. The fans of these breeds aren’t dog lovers. I have yet to see one care a damn when their bully dog killed someone else’s. Anyone really concerned about putting a stop to the dogfighting circuit will also agree that banning these breeds is the only real way to do it.

    I just hope the Danes won’t make the British mistake — that they will strictly enforce the ban! This will be a great relief to those of us who do love dogs, and who do really want dogfighting to stop.

    • stopbslcom

      Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? Thirteen breeds were banned, including a host of obscure livestock breeds (not bully breeds, not fighting dogs, and not historically associated with injuries to humans or other animals). Denmark did not ban the breeds that made up the bulk of their dog bites. The breeds that were banned in Denmark were not banned for public safety reasons. They were banned for political reasons.

  6. Kat Gusarova

    Dane here. It’s completely true that the dogs got banned for political reasons and you need to understand our current government in order to get what I mean. This is just one law out of many foolish mistakes.

    Recent numbers show that German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers are the breeds that bite the most, at least here. We’ve had some bully breed attacks, but the bulk of the Danish bully breed owners have perfectly nice family dogs. We HAVE had cases about MANY types of aggressive dogs – for example a German Shepherd that attacked 6 kindergarten kids and a black lab that attacked an old lady!

    What people (even the Danes!) don’t seem to have understood about our new BSL is that it practically forbids one to own a mutt. The new regulations require that the owner of a mutt resembling ANY of the forbidden breeds, will have to prove that it’s not forbidden – this cannot be done without a pedigree and mutts don’t come with pedigrees. And because the 13 breeds are so different in their looks, this can affect people with just about any type of mutt, even berner sennen mixes!

    The head of (our version of) the SPCA has stated that this will mean death to 9 out of 10 shelter dogs. In total, it brings 400.000 pedigree-less dogs in danger.

    When our minister of law was asked what people who wished to own a shelter dog should do, he stated and I quote, “People can just buy a legal dog with a pedigree.”

    These are mad times. I’m not a bully owner myself, but I love all dogs and none of them deserve this Nazi treatment. The dog lovers of Denmark are not giving up on this one.

  7. Ban stupid, abusive people not animals. They only do what their owners teach them.