Rockville Centre Village, NY: Pit bulls, Rottweilers banned

NY state law prohibits municipalities from passing BSL. I do not follow the logic of this ban; the whole reason for the ban was due to specific houses with specific problematic dogs, yet those dogs can be exempted from the ban by grandfathering… so how has the problem been solved? What did the ban address that an effective non-breed-specific dangerous dog law could not have addressed?

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Rockville Centre Village Board bans two breeds

Village approves law regarding Rottweilers, pit bulls

By Alex Costello, LI

The Rockville Centre Board of Trustees recently passed a law banning residents from owning rottweilers and pit bulls, giving local dog lovers two fewer breeds to adore.

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One response to “Rockville Centre Village, NY: Pit bulls, Rottweilers banned

  1. Not only is this law illegal in the state of NY but it does not punish the owners of the dogs causing problems. It is the owners responsibility to control their dogs. The problem dogs will be grandfathered in and still continue to cause problems. I hope the residents of Rockville Centre Village step up and file suit against this ILLEGAL law. Shame on Rockville Centre Village