Topeka, KS to consider removal of BSL

Topeka’s animal control has been overbudget by $27,000 annually, primarily because of the dogs they catch and confine under their “pit bull” legislation. These suspected “pit bulls” aren’t aggressive, as the city attorney notes; so the public isn’t really being made safer. To make matters worse, the dogs involved in court cases (due to owners disputing breed ID) clog the local shelter, causing the shelter to euthanize dogs that are not suspected “pit bulls” due to lack of space.

This does not appear to be on the agenda for the next city council meeting. However, locals may wish to contact city councilmembers to voice their support for the repeal of BSL and the institution of non-breed-specific dog laws.

City Council Contact Info:
Karen Hiller,
John Alcala,
Sylvia Ortiz,
Jack Woelfel,
Larry Wolgast,
Deputy Mayor Deborah Swank,
Bob Archer,
Jeff Preisner,
Richard Harmon,

City may scrap pit bull rules

Pit bull confinement regs contribute to overrun in animal control budget

By Tim Hrenchir
June 25, 2010 – 4:56pm

Assistant city attorney Kyle Smith told the council this past week that the committee, which is working with Councilwoman Karen Hiller, is suggesting moves that include doing away with the city’s breed-specific rules regulating ownership of pit bulls.

Read the whole story here:


Read assistant city attorney Kyle Smith’s memorandum describing suggested revisions to Topeka animal ordinances and view what the Topeka Police Department has paid to confine dogs suspected of being pit bulls.

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