Rockville Centre, NY to vote on pit bull, Rottweiler ban, June 29

Rockville Centre passed a ban on pit bulls and Rottweilers in early June. Breed-specific laws are a violation of NY state law.

The Board of Trustees will meet at 8:15 on June 29 at Village Hall to vote on whether to keep the ban. The public is encouraged to contact the board members and to attend the meeting.

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Rockville Centre to vote on pit bull, Rottweiler ban

June 28, 2010 By LAURA RIVERA,

The Rockville Centre Village board, facing criticism from animal rights advocates for enacting a ban on pit bulls and Rottweilers, is set to vote Tuesday night on a measure to suspend the law’s implementation.

The code, passed on June 8 by a vote of 4 to 1, has provoked a swift response from local and national groups, who say the act itself violates a 1997 state law that forbids municipalities… [remainder of article available to subscribers only]

One response to “Rockville Centre, NY to vote on pit bull, Rottweiler ban, June 29

  1. Karen Martin

    I have had many breeds of dogs over the past 41 years, from Shepherds, Rottweiler, Shih Tzu, Yorkie, English Bull dog, English Mastiff and NOW a Pittbull that we rescued from a young couple who fell on hard times. Each and every one was a well behaved dog who loved people just as I do. Of all of my dogs the Shih Tzu would bite way faster than this sweet pitbull would ever bite anyone. Baby June is a very sweet lovable dog who is not the least bit aggressive. Prehaps its the people who need to be licensed as to being fit to own a pet. Lets face it most of the times the dog takes on the owners traits.