Rockville Centre, NY: Breed ban suspended until July hearing

Massive public outcry can make a difference. The ban is not dead. There will be a public hearing on the ordinance next month to determine the fate of the ban. Please continue to remind Rockville Centre officials that their breed ban is illegal in the state of NY.

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Long Island’s pit bull ban suspended

ROCKVILLE CENTRE (WABC) — Members voted to suspend implementation of the law until at least next month, when a public hearing on repealing the law will be held.

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2 responses to “Rockville Centre, NY: Breed ban suspended until July hearing

  1. Laurel M. Ashley

    Breed banning is illegal in the state of New york and with good reason. No US citizen should be subjected to unjustified expense and governmental intrusion when they, and their dogs have done nothing wrong.
    Any animal ordinance should be based on deed and not breed. BSL it is wrong, ineffective and expensive; it opens municipalities to litigation.
    Focus instead on protecting dogs from abuse and exploitation by bad and irresponsible owners. Do not target innocents and think you have done something good.
    Logic and reason needs to be used to craft a law that is fair and recognizes that it is actions and not the appearance of a dog that defines dangerousness.

  2. I’m all for BSL, except the “breed” I want banned belongs to the human race. How much more time and money will it take for our so-called representatives to understand that it’s not the dog breed, it’s the people who provoke the dogs to be aggressive and threatening. Let’s re-educate these people (yeah, right, like a drug dealer is really going to listen to dog sensitivity training). But “re-education” can happen in prison, which is where these low-lifes who use dogs as weapons belong. It is short-sighted and cruel to ban breeds just because certain types of people train them the wrong way. I trained a pit bull stray and found her a loving home, and I have a pit mix who lives with 2 small dogs. Both the pit and my mix are the most loving, affectionate and intelligent dogs. So you see, politicians, it’s not the breed, it’s the deed, and the deed often is spurred on by lowlifes who use these dogs for unsavory activities.