Shadyside, OH: Committee to work on pit bull ban

Shadyside is a village of about 3600 people. This is the best contact information I can find for Shadyside government:
Mayors Office, 50 E 39th St, Shadyside, Ohio 43947-1303
Fax: 740-676-1084

News reports in March indicated that Shadyside cut 12 city positions due to a serious budget crisis. The cuts included dispatchers for the police department as well as some part-time police officers, and the town also planned to reduce the use of police cruisers. The “pit bull” ban will not only add to their budget woes, but it’s unclear who will enforce the law once passed–and it seems to this bystander that a better way to “protect the people of Shadyside” would be to boost their police force…

And remember–this town is located in Ohio, a state in which all “pit bulls” are already considered “vicious” dogs and in which “pit bull” owners are already required to meet certain restrictions to own a “pit bull.” The “pit bull” problems cited in this article would not exist if they were properly enforcing the current laws.

Committee Formed in Shadyside to Work to Ban Vicious Dogs

Posted Saturday, July 3, 2010 ; 06:43 PM
Updated Saturday, July 3, 2010; 07:57 PM

Residents say the groups goal is to protect the people of Shadyside.

By Crissy Clutter

SHADYSIDE, Ohio — Residents in Shadyside are taking action against dogs they say are vicious. People in the community of Shadyside have formed a committee to ban pit bulls in the village.

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3 responses to “Shadyside, OH: Committee to work on pit bull ban

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  2. It is apparent as mentioned in the published article, that one particular home in Shadyside is considered a nuisance. Therefore it goes to show some PEOPLE are NOT meant to own pit bulls. Banning an entire breed of dogs is just like discrimination against blacks. What the hell is wrong with people today? I own a pit bull and she is the sweetest girl ever. The entire country needs to get over it and find something productive to do with their time, energy, and money. I say BAN STUPID PEOPLE, NOT MY PIT BULL!!!!

  3. I totally agree with michelle I have a pitbull he is a very gentle dog not a mean bone in his body.As Michelle said quit worrying about a breed of dog and concentrate on serious issues such as pot holes in the roads,drugs in the community ect……………. use my tax money for some thing productive ASSHOLES