Lincoln, NE: Non-breed-specific dog law proposed

Well over a year since Lincoln first started revising their dangerous dog laws, and BSL was first suggested, the new ordinance will not be breed-specific.

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Lincoln To Tighten Leash on Dangerous Dog Owners

The Lincoln City Council will hear public testimony on changes to its dangerous dog ordinance Monday afternoon.

Posted: 10:53 PM Jul 11, 2010
Reporter: Keller Russell
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Lincoln’s Dangerous Dog Ordinance Amendments

The changes the council is considering have more to do with a dog’s owner, than the dog. What you will find missing from the ordinance language; specific breeds.

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One response to “Lincoln, NE: Non-breed-specific dog law proposed

  1. L. M. Ashley

    Glad to know they finally seem to get the fact that it is not the breed but individual dogs, usually because of bad or irresponsible owners, and that is the cause of the problem and what the laws need to address.