Miami-Dade, FL: Pit bulls skirt law by being used as service dogs

The article is–unfortunately–sensational, biased, and poorly researched (how hard could it be to find and interview a service dog trainer who isn’t disturbingly breed biased?), but it does touch on many issues related to BSL, such as deeply ingrained breed stereotypes.

Service or menace? Pit bulls skirt law by being used as service dogs

A growing group of pit bull owners says the animals are ideal service dogs — a designation that exempts them from Miami-Dade’s ban of the breed, which some say is instinctively dangerous.


Within the past year, Miami-Dade Animal Services has registered about half a dozen pit bulls as service animals for people with disabilities, in what investigator supervisor Kathy Labrada called an emerging trend.

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One response to “Miami-Dade, FL: Pit bulls skirt law by being used as service dogs

  1. selwyn marock South Africa

    260 Children shot in 1 year in Chicago either at school or on the way thereto and not by Pitbulls but by Human Scum I reckon there are bigger problems in the USA than the Dogs considering in 2008 in the whole USA there were only 16 dog fatalities info from the CDC(Canine Disease Centre) against 16000 Murders human upon human info compliments of FBI.
    Did you know that three children a day are Murdered by one parent or both that equates to around 1100 child deaths per year caused by Parents should we now deem all Parents Dangerous and call for a Ban on them.
    Just so much easier to attack Poor Dogs maybe it is our Bully instincts we cannot Murder out mother-in-law so lets just see how many Pits we can be responsible for the Murder of.
    I just say SICK and hope and Pray that Karma does prevail for these Evildoers.