Brandon, MS: Residents speak against BSL

A number of Brandon residents are speaking out against the BSL that passed. Kudos to Naomi, who has been keeping us updated here.

Next city council meeting: Monday, Aug. 16, 6 PM., Brandon Municipal Complex.

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Justin Fritscher • • August 3, 2010

In other business, several residents voiced concerns to aldermen about the city’s new pit bull ordinance, saying their pets were misunderstood. But city leaders say the ordinance sticks as is.

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One response to “Brandon, MS: Residents speak against BSL

  1. Jeff McCall
    The International K9 Foundation

    My thoughts on the subject are this; the ordinance seems to target responsible dog owners. Everyday law biding, responsible dog owners will have to pay the price for those that use this breed for dog fighting. The only hope this Breed has is the responsible Dog owner. Once the responsible Pit Pull owner can no longer endure the heavy cost levied by the city, the only thing will left be dog fighting.
    Perhaps passing a ordinance against dog fighting and directing Law Enforcement to enforce said ordinance. Enforcing current pet ordinances already in place could help. Requiring Pit pull owners to register their dogs could be a great tool used in tracking down dog fighting rings.
    The Pit Pull or Stafford Bull Terrier was recognized by the Kennel Club in England in 1935 for conformation matches and show. This breed evolved into a dog of such temperament as to make him a ideal pet and companion and a worthy show dog. The AKC picked up the breed in 1975.
    Ban dog fighting, Not the breed.