Reminder: Blackman Township, MI to “talk about dogs,” Sept 7 (whispers of BSL)

Blackman Township Trustee Meeting, Sept. 7
Place: Township Hall – Lower Level, 6:00 P.M.
Contact: Mike Thomas, Clerk 517-788-4345 x105,
**Please note, date given by newspaper article is NOT correct. The meeting is to be held on Sept. 7 per the city website.**

Contact info for trustees:

Joe Barrett
Office: 517-788-4345 ext. 250

Charles DeBruler Jr.
Office: 517-788-4345 ext. 251

Paula Clingerman
Office: 517-788-4345 ext. 252

Dave Sercombe
Office: 517-788-4345 ext. 253

Previous alert:

Officials: No easy fix for pit bulls

Published: Saturday, August 28, 2010, 11:54 PM
Aaron Aupperlee | Jackson Citizen Patriot

Blackman Township Trustee Chuck DeBruler said his gut reaction to Tuesday’s attack is to ban pit bulls in the township. DeBruler, however, thinks more laws and regulations surrounding ownership of potentially vicious dogs might protect residents better. Licenses, insurance and education should be a part of owning a pit bull, he said. DeBruler expects to talk about dogs at the Sept. 6 Blackman Township meeting.

3 responses to “Reminder: Blackman Township, MI to “talk about dogs,” Sept 7 (whispers of BSL)

  1. the 6th is Labor day. Are we sure they are meeting?

    • Good point. I think the newspaper article is incorrect. It looks like their meeting is on Sept. 7th, according to the city calendar. I’ll make that change. Thanks, Ed!

  2. Is there anyone from the Blackman Twp or Jackson County area that is going to attend this meeting? I have been a dog trainer living in Jackson for almost 20 years and want to do what I can to stop BSL.