Worcester, MA: BSL passed

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Worcester City Council to vote on pit bull ordinance

Sep 7, 2010 6:01pm
NECN: Katie Daly, Worcester, Mass.

The Worcester City Council will finally vote on a plan to put new restrictions on owners of pit bulls.

UPDATE 10PM: The City Council has “blessed the ordinance.” It will become effective April 1, 2011. There will be some exceptions to the ordinace. While all exceptions have not yet been determined, they will include exceptions for service dogs, dogs whose owners put them through specialized training.

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2 responses to “Worcester, MA: BSL passed

  1. Pit Bulls get a bad rap from the reputation for dog fighting rings. Education about adopting them could be a step in the right direction. The temperament of the dog has been literally bred into them. Not to be mean, but to be be aggressive;and there is a difference. The temperment of the potential adoptor should also be taken into consideration, as the animals frquently “become like their owners. A pit bull can be a faithful and loyal dog. A ‘mean’ owner raises ‘mean’ dogs. The breeding of animals as a commodity is akin to breeding slaves to a degree. Not that the animal will be forced to perform arduous labor, but rather that it is bred solely to appease the desire to own that particular breed. Many dog breeds are bred with serious health issues, yet humans choose to overlook those issues and will pay large sums of money to aleviate the symptom of the effects of the breeding while it does ot eliminate the cause.

    Adopting an animal from a shelter to preveny its death is a noble cause provided one is willing to accept the responsibilities. There are plenty of animals at shelters that need homes. In my opinion, it should be against the law to breed specific “designer-dogs” for trade or profit. Simply due to the capriciousness of human nature. The adopting of a pet is as heavy a responsibility as adopting a human child and should be treated as such. One does not call a child “property”.

  2. wrong wrong wrong. This is absurd. ANY dog will attack or bite, if not properly trained, socialized and supervised. Stupid stupid people on the city council. Would be enough to make me move from the city.
    Ignorance is just not an excuse.