Ogden, UT reminder: BSL work session, Sept 28

Packet of presenters’ material is now available online here: http://citydocs.ogdencity.com/FileGetter/getFile.aspx?Doc=00011598.PDF&Key=B456A239AA6BF2B2404652AB17E6B45D49457E80&save=true

The Ogden City Council will hold a Fact Finding Work Session on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 to discuss a proposed ordinance regulating pit bulls.

The meeting will begin directly after the City Council Meeting which begins at 6:00 p.m. It will be held in the Ogden City Council Chambers, Room 340, at the Ogden Municipal Building on 2549 Washington Boulevard.

This Fact Finding session is designed as a forum for education and discussion regarding the proposed ordinance. Presenters from the Administration and the community will share their varying perspectives and experience on the subject…

Citizens will then have the opportunity to express their ideas and views, with comments being limited to three (3) minutes. Comment cards will also be available and submitted comments will be distributed to members of the City Council.

View the proposed ordinance here: http://citydocs.ogdencity.com/FileGetter/getFile.aspx?Doc=00011564.PDF&Key=1ABEFACC4CCEDA476679B3F300921C03156E4CE0

City Council contact information
Council Office Main Line (801) 629-8153
Email the entire city council: http://www.ogdencity.com/contact_us.aspx?subject=City Council Microsite Correspondence&did={49F5D794-D021-415F-80C3-C1E6FA8C10E6}

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