Ogden, UT: Council gets feedback about proposed BSL (multiple articles)

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Residents: Profiling pit bulls doesn’t work / Opponent: Ogden would trample 4th Amendment with inspections without proof dog is a danger

Last updated Tuesday, September 28, 2010 – 11:36pm

OGDEN — If passed, the ordinance would call for pit bull owners to carry $25,000 in liability insurance coverage, have their dogs licensed and microchipped, and keep the dogs in a secure kennel or fully fenced yard and on an adequate leash when not confined.

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Ogden revisits pit bull restriction ordinance proposal

FOX 13 News
11:18 PM MDT, September 28, 2010

OGDEN, Utah – The city of Ogden is revisiting a proposal regarding pit bull dog ownership restrictions that were scrapped last year after a major public outcry. The proposal is back and was the center of a discussion at a city council meeting Tuesday evening.

Council members said the meeting was all about fact finding. But the city council already has drafted a ordinance outline called the “Dangerous Dog” ordinance, that would place restrictions on the ownership of pit bulls. The restrictions and regulations that some pit bull owners say simply are not fair. The Best Friends Animal Society calls it discrimination.

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Ogden’s proposed pitbull ordinance

Reported by: Annie Cutler
Last Update: 2:39 am

OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 News) – The proposed regulations include requiring a $25,000 liability insurance, implanting a microchip ID in the dogs, establishing stricter confinement and leash requirements, and making it a Class B misdemeanor for any violations.

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8 responses to “Ogden, UT: Council gets feedback about proposed BSL (multiple articles)

  1. selwyn marock South Africa

    The Major problem is that Law-Abiding citizens OBEY the law and generally have well behaved dogs,The Unlawful dont give a DAMN.Adress Dog-Fighting,Puppy-Mills and enforce existing legislation is the way o go.

  2. I just want to say I cant believe it. First of all PITbulls is a slang name for the breed for those irresponsible pet owners that were money hungary and created a PIT for fights. If a person called them by there real name A STAFFORD SHIRE TERRIER OR TERRIER than would people be so scared i doubt it. Yes I am a terrier owner i have a 6 yr old American Red and her house partner 2 yr old smokey both were abuse in different ways. And guess what they live with cats to….. A person should not pass judgement on an animal just cause of its size, a gentleman was in jail and court i sat through this he was arrested for a visious animal to my amaizement the animal was a CHIUAUA the gog was labeled as visious and the owner sited. My girls have there own issuses cuz of neglegt coco use to have a food attitude but if kept on a shcedule she is fine, smokey is terrified of strangers for the first 6mo of her life the owner found it funny to hit her in the top of her head. With her being around my other dog she has completely change coco i used to rehab smokey and teach her not everyone is cruel. My friend runs an animal rescue and since word of this recent proposal has came out her phone is ringing of the hook… people are scared and most of them cant afford what is being done also i have looked into the insurance and a lot of the agencies wont even insure a AGRESSIVE LABELED CANINE, i just wanted to get my thought out its not the dogs fault as it is irresponsible owners HEY I HAVE AN IDEA LETS PUT SPECIAL COLLARS ON ALL THESE GANG MEMBERS AND INSURE THEM CAGE THEM AND CALL IT JUSTICE…. A PERSON AND OR A DOG DONT ASK TO BE IN THE WRONG THEY ARE EITHER RAISED THIS WAY FROM BIRTH OR SOME POINT IN LIFE. I MYSELF AM AN ANIMAL LOVER AND A PEOPLE PERSON NOW ALL THATS GOING TO HA[PPEN IS PEOPLE WILL GET SCARED ABANDON THERE ANIMALS AND OVERWHELM THE SHELTER. AN ANIMAL THAT GETS ABANDONED BECOMES HUNGARY AND WILL DO WHAT IT NEEDS TO TO SURVIVE JUST LIKE A PERSONmOVIE aLIVE RING A BELL.. SO PLEASE CONSIDER THIS IF A DOG HAS A RECORD THAN MAYBE ITS OWNER MAY TO. AND PLEASE ANY FEED BACK I WOULD LOVE

  3. So my best friend and hiking companion of 13 years may be banned? The only thing Sam has ever done is attack his stuffed monkey and a lick my babies on the cheek. 25,000 dollar insurance policy on my dog? I want to know what insurance company is going to comply with this and can Mayor Godfrey and the city council promise me that my dog will have insurance? I don’t think so. The council needs to reconsider this law and start investigating more into the perpetrators of animal cruelty and dog fighting. Whats next? Ban haunted houses on Halloween? Oh yeah, they already did that.

  4. I have a red nosed pitbull that people have told me were specifically designed by their stature and physical strength to be fighting dogs. I am just speaking from my experience so other pitbull owners, please don’t be offended. He was also abused by a backyard breeder who butchered his ears leaving one ear smaller than the other. Fortunately I was able to save him when he was about 3 months and read up on every possible thing I could do to keep him social and safe. I would do absolutely anything for my dog and will keep him for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, it isn’t always a dog’s reputation that gives him a bad name. Although my dog would never hurt a human, unless he accidentally knocked a child down by giving him a kiss. I still feel that these dogs can be dangerous, especially by the way they are being bred, or shall I say inbred by people who are trying to make a buck or gamble on dog fighting especially in Ogden, Just go to the animal shelter and you will see what I mean, alot of dogs are found half dead because people have left them after these fights, others haven’t been fixed and run loose and aggressive in the streets. The sad part is the same people who let them do this are still allowed to claim them.. My dog has always been a sweet dog that would get a long with every dog he came in contact to, but his personality seems to be changing the older he gets (he is 8 now) I have noticed a major change in his behavior. It’s like one day he just snapped! I used to take him to off leash dog parks all the time but now if a dog even looks at him wrong, he starts acting defensive. I will never take him to another dog park because of his abrupt changed personality and behavior. love my dog so much that I had a cute tattoo designed of him on my arm because he helped me through some rough times in my life that I could never repay him for. When you have an 80-100 pound dog not neutered and specifically bred for fighting, this can be dangerous if they are loose because of the continuous abuse and terrorizing by some unfit owners. I am sick and tired of people being allowed to sit on the lawn by Walmart and elsewhere selling these and other dogs to anyone who has money to buy them. These people should be fined!!! I also feel that anyone unlicensed to breed dogs should be fined, penalized by the court system in some way and have all dogs taken away and “never” be allowed to own a dog EVER. As far as the remaining pitbulls, the ones we have and adopt out should be given good and loving homes. As much as I hate to say it…I think their breeding should be extremely limited…I would give my life for my dog and he means more to me than anyone or anything so please don’t take this comment the wrong way.

    • Anonymous, I strongly urge you to consult with a behaviorist or trainer regarding your dog’s aggression toward other dogs. Some dogs naturally become “grumpy” and intolerant of other dogs as they age. That is not a breed-specific trait–it can happen to a dog of any breed. I’m glad you’re managing your dog’s aggression carefully and appropriately. But it has nothing to do with the fact that your dog has a red nose or that your dog is a “pit bull.”

      I wish people would drop the “red nose” myth. A red nose has nothing to do with a dog’s temperament or behavior. It’s just a nose, it has to be some color, whether red, pink, brown, black, or gray (“blue”). Red-nosed dogs are extremely common. I’ve owned and fostered a number of pit bulls with red noses. Having the perspective of handling and managing multiple pit bulls, multiple dogs, and multiple “red nosed” dogs over the years, I can tell you that each and every dog is an individual, and you simply cannot predict a dog’s temperament or behavior by looking at the color of their nose. Or the color of their eyes. Or the color of their fur. Or the shape of their head. Or the shape of their body. Or their breed. (See how this works?)

      Also, keep in mind that the “pit bull” as you define it is “a fighting dog,” bred and raised for fighting. But that is not the type of dog that breed-specific laws regulate. Breed-specific laws consider only a dog’s appearance, not its actual temperament, history, or lifestyle.

      There are hundreds of thousands of dogs in the U.S. that have a “pit bull”-like appearance, but are not and never have been fighting dogs, nor have any fighting dog ancestors. They are run of the mill pet dogs with great homes and loving owners. Those are the people and dogs who are affected by BSL.

  5. I appreciate the information regarding the pitbull myths since I did not specifically go out to get one. He found me and indirectly I saved him from a terrible upbringing and a short life span considering these people did reed and raise him in a violent manner. Fortunately, I got him young enough to correct the behavior and give him love and a wonderful home. I always feel as though the great dog owners are being targeted instead of the people who are abusing these dogs and are not going to license, vaccinate, let alone get a $25,000 insurance policy!!! Most of these people ain’t got a pot to piss in! They don’t own anything so they won’t have to pay the price, instead we loving dog owners will have to be penalized. To these people these are throw away dogs, replaceable and useless if they can’t be trained to fight. When I found my dog, I knew I would have him for his whole life, hopefully at least 18 years. Come on, let’s be rational about this. I guess my opinion was based on how much cross breeding in such a small city as Ogden to allow these abusive breeders who use mothers, brothers, sisters and fathers to breed just to make money or watch sick fights. These dogs will have all kinds of health and mental problems just as if we were to breed relatives with other relatives. These are the people who should be regulated by the city of Ogden. I have been at the animal shelter and people can claim their dog even if the dog is obviously being mistreated and the owner don’t have to fix the dog because they are claiming it not adopting it. As far as judging every dog that may have pitbull in them just by looking at them is absolutely absurd. Go after the people and I know there are people commenting on gang members not being involved in pitbull fighting, take a drive over the viaduct and look around in the back and front yards of these peoples houses or just look at the people walking dogs. I know there are some wonderful people in these and other areas that take great care of their dogs but the people who deliberately make these dogs even more violent and unpredictable need to be outlawed from owning a dog. I didn’t realize that the breed specific laws were just someone looking at your dog and saying, “that looks like a pitbull,” …that is absolutely ridiculous! I was hoping they were taking a more drastic approach in a different way kind of like they are with restraining orders from gang members and those types of laws. We don’t need all of this low class negative people who abusive animals and children in our city and state! Thanks for providing me a new insight and more information on the actual law.

    • Those are good thoughts. Some places have instituted breed-neutral laws such as the ones you mention: dogs that end up in the pound must be neutered before being reclaimed by owners; violent felons may not own a dog; breeders are regulated. The success of these laws varies, as does enforcement. Of course, animal abuse and dog fighting are illegal everywhere, though the definition of these acts and the punishments for engaging in such conduct vary from place to place.

      I also hope your dog lives for 18 years! That’s a very long time. Small dogs and toy breeds typically live into their teens. The average life span of a larger-sized dog (like a “pit bull” type) is about 10 to 12 years. But who knows, your dog could be above average. :) I’m still hoping my senior “pit bull” mutt will live forever. :D Many of the experiences you describe with your dog are similar to ones that I’ve had. You might consider reading through my site at http://www.happypitbull.com for more information about the common pit bull myths, temperament/behavior, aggression, dog parks, and so on.

  6. You just made my day! I didn’t want it to sound like I wasn’t a pitbull lover. He is my baby and I would give my life for him. There were many nights I cried myself to sleep while he was licking my tears and giving me hope and a reason to live and be happy and healthy. He helped me with depression and I relate my soberiety for over 2 years by showing me unconditional love. He helped by getting out me out and enjoying nature and the beauty of nature and showing me what life has to offer. He gave me a new perspective on life. He is my buddy, my co-pilot and even though he was badly abused, he will be pampered and spoiled for the rest of my and his life. Thanks for the kind words and the site where I can get more information. I try to learn as much as I can to keep him happy and healthy :)