Port Washington, WI: Local intends to petition for BSL

Contact information for Port Washington city officials:

City Hall, 100 W Grand Ave, P.O. Box 307, Port Washington WI 53074

Mayor Scott A. Huebner, shuebner@ci.port-washington.wi.us
1st District Michael Ehrlich, 284-5528, mehrlich@ci.port-washington.wi.us
2nd District Paul Neumyer, 284-3501, pneumyer@ci.port-washington.wi.us
3rd District Jim Vollmar, 268-1682, jvollmar@ci.port-washington.wi.us
4th District Burt Babcock, 284-3419, bbabcock@ci.port-washington.wi.us
5th District Tom Hudson, 284-1948, tomhudson@execpc.com
6th District David Larson, 268-1171, dlarson@ci.port-washington.wi.us
7th District Dan Becker, 284-6043, dbecker@ci.port-washington.wi.us

Pit bull scare spurs call for ‘vicious breed’ law in Port

Written by Kristyn Halbig Ziehm
Wednesday, 06 October 2010 18:56

Man whose sons were chased is asking aldermen to regulate some dogs

“To me, it’s so blatantly obvious something needs to be done,” said Dan O’Connor, who plans to petition the Common Council to change its dog ordinances, recognizing the aggressive nature of pit bulls…. O’Connor said he talked to Ald. Tom Hudson about his concerns, and he plans to send a letter and packet of information to aldermen later this week. He also intends to circulate a petition seeking better regulation of pit bulls and present it to the Common Council.

Read more here: http://www.ozaukeepress.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1141:pit-bull-scare-spurs-call-for-vicious-breed-law-in-port&catid=51:feature-3

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