Gwinnett County, GA: Animal advisory council decries proposed BSL

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Gwinnett County Commissioners contact info
The Animal Advisory committee recommended against BSL, but the county commissioners will make the final decision as to whether to proceed with BSL. Please keep your correspondence polite and informative.
District 1 Commissioner: Shirley Lasseter,
District 2 Commissioner: Bert Nasuti,
District 3 Commissioner: Mike Beaudreau,
District 4 Commissioner: Kevin Kenerly,

Citizens’ animal panel decries county plan to restrict pit bulls

By Patrick Fox
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
8:44 p.m. Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If Gwinnett County officials want to restrict pit bull ownership, they’ll do it without the support of their own citizens’ advisory panel.

[…]The seven-member Animal Advisory Council, appointed by the county commission, said they would not endorse the measure after hearing from a host of residents.

Council Chairwoman Gail LaBerge said she has fought breed-specific legislation for 10 years. Most recently she has been involved in the Douglasville City ordinance addressing the same issue.

“I cannot support it in Douglasville,” she said, “and I will not support it in my own county.”

The proposed ordinance would require owners to provide name, address and a registration fee to the county. Owners would also have to supply proof of insurance, a full description of the pit bull, including a photo, and proof of inoculation. They would also be required to provide a sturdy enclosure that does not share fencing with a perimeter fence.[…]

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3 responses to “Gwinnett County, GA: Animal advisory council decries proposed BSL

  1. I live in Corneila and think the BLS is stupid. Why are the many good owners of such a noble breed being made to suffer for the few bad owners. Please don’t pass this ordinance. I and my pit DixiBoo thank you

  2. This proposal has failed to generate any support. Our group – We the Pet Owners of Gwinnett will monitor an y future BOC meetings to make sure it isn’t re-introduced. Instead, our group has recommended that animal control focus on enforcing the leash laws that are currently on the books.

    • This is good to hear. Please keep me updated on the situation, if you can–especially if BSL gets introduced!