Sheboygan, WI: Council OKs dangerous dog panel (not BSL)

All alerts for Sheboygan:

Council OKs dangerous dog panel

Committee will work on local regulations

By Bob Petrie • Sheboygan Press staff • October 19, 2010

The Sheboygan Common Council on Monday approved a 10-member committee to study how to regulate dangerous dogs in the community without singling out breeds.

The committee, which includes three aldermen, three citizens, Police Chief Christopher Domagalski, Assistant City Attorney Chuck Adams, a local veterinarian, and a representative from the Sheboygan County Humane Society, is expected to meet over the next few weeks to help write a dangerous dogs ordinance.[…]

[…]The move comes two weeks after the council rejected a proposed ordinance by Ald. Scott Versey that would have placed severe restrictions on several dog breeds, including pit bull terriers.[…]

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