Dearborn Heights, MI: Council thinks about better law, not breed ban

Dearborn Heights already has BSL for “pit bull” owners. Perhaps the “better law” they eventually institute could be a repeal of their BSL, which is obviously not working, in favor of a strong, enforceable non-breed-specific ordinance.

Council seeing better law, not breed ban, as answer to pit bull problems

Published: Tuesday, October 19, 2010
By Ben Baird Press & Guide Newspapers

[…] Council Chair Ken Baron said it sounds like council has come to a consensus there won’t be a pit bull ban. They will likely be tightening up the dog ordinance some, he said.

It seems like there isn’t enough follow-through with the existing ordinance, he said, so one goal is just to make sure the city is enforcing the regulations it already has.

[…]Council will be having a future study session to continue the discussion and have the Police Department animal control officer come provide some information, Baron said. He said he’s interested in hearing the officer’s feelings on what problems there are and what solutions could work.[…]

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