Garden City, MI: Whispers of BSL

Although nothing has been proposed at this time, City Councilmember Jaylee Lynch has requested “stronger measures in dealing with pit bulls.” Residents in the area should provide effective breed-neutral options for the council to consider.

Garden City Town Hall, 6000 Middlebelt Road, Garden City, MI 48135
(734) 793-1660

Online contact form for city officials:

Randy Walker – Mayor – Phone: (734) 793-1671
Jim Kerwin – Mayor Pro Tem – Phone: 734-793-1677
Jaylee Lynch – Council Member – Phone: (734) 793-1673
Al Briscoe – Council Member – Phone: (734) 793-1676
Joanne Dodge – Council Member – Phone: (734) 422-5441
Mike Todd – Council Member – Phone: (734) 793-1672
David Duncan – Council Member – Phone: (734) 793-1675

City council agendas:

Next two council meetings: Oct 25 and Nov 8 at 7 PM at Garden City Town Hall, 6000 Middlebelt Road.

Lynch looks for changes in vicious dog ordinance

By Sue Buck • OBSERVER STAFF WRITER • October 21, 2010

A Garden City Council member is looking for stronger measures in dealing with pit bulls in the community.

Councilmember Jaylee Lynch has asked her colleagues to consider new measures to ensure the safety of residents, their children and their pets.

[…]“I’d like the council to get behind this,” said Lynch. “I know not all pit bulls are vicious, but the breed is known to be vicious and people treat them differently because of that.”[…]

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5 responses to “Garden City, MI: Whispers of BSL

  1. Went to the meeting tonight – mayor is insisting they are not looking at anything breed specific. Said they received all kinds of emails and calls from people outside the city and wants it to stop. Said he will not read them and just “delete, delete, delete”.

    • Good to know, thanks! I hope Councilmember Lynch agrees with the mayor and drops the breed-specific talk.

    • He wasn’t so nasty about my comments tonight on the phone when he spoke to me about the four page letter I sent him and the rest of council. He is not for BSL, however I’m not so sure about the rest of council. Need to go to meeting on December 6th in large numbers. That is when they will discuss the new dog laws they want to implement.

  2. yeah he tried to take back what his council woman had already said, and tried to act like pit bulls were never on their hit list. Maybe council woman Lynch should’ve thought twice about it before bringing pit bulls up in the first place… It’s in print, but hey, i’ll take this as a small victory for us Garden City residents with pits and just stay on guard from here on out for any more issues. Thank you dtwo for all your help!! And the woman in blue who spoke on the issue before we went up there… Thank you too, wherever you are!

    • I attend the following meeting and was cut short on my five minute limit so I sent a letter to all the council members. Got a call from the Mayor tonight and he said that he is not in agreement of a specific breed. There are seven people on council and it only takes four to get a majority vote, does this mean that all the members of council are all thinking a like? I don’t think so, therefore I’m do not think this is completely over. The Mayor wants to revise ordinance laws that are old regarding dogs. I do not have a problem with that as long as they do not single out breeds. They need to make the owners responsible for their actions and not put down dogs by labeling them vicious when in fact they are not vicious at all. The meeting regarding council discussion on the new dog ordinances will be held on December 6th. We need to come in large numbers so our voices are heard that a breed ban will not be tolerated if it is brought up at that meeting by other council members besides Lynch. I wish I was in better health, I would go door to door and let people know they need to stand up for the rights of their dogs and to voice their opinions at that meeting. If one is banned then what breed is next? This isn’t just about the Pit Bulls, it is for any large breed dogs that may be next on the hit list after the Pit Bulls. Like I stated earlier, our Mayor is not about BSL, however I would like to know how the other council members feel.