Douglasville, GA: BSL still a possibility

Although council voted against a breed ban, they have formed an ad hoc committee to create a new dog ordinance that may institute specific restrictions for “dangerous breeds,” including liability insurance, special training, and special registration. The mayor has vowed to veto any bill that does not include such provisions. (I have requested further information from the city clerk.)

City council video shows that locals continue to speak out against the proposed BSL. Although it is not known when this ordinance will be brought forth for consideration, the public may comment during regular and work sessions of city council.

Next city council meeting: Nov 1, 7:30 PM in City Council Chambers, 6695 Church Street.

Mickey Thompson, Mayor,
LaShun Burr Danley, Councilmember Ward 3, Post 1, 
Samuel Davis, Councilmember Ward 3, Post 2,
Dennis McLain, Councilmember Ward 2,
Terry Miller, Councilmember Ward 5, Post 2,
Roy E. Mims, Councilman Ward 5, Post 1,
John R. Schildroth, Mayor Pro Tem, Ward 4,
Larry G. Yockey, Councilmember Ward 1,
William D. Osborne, City Manager,

Mayor wants tough dog law

by Helen McCoy/Douglas County Sentinel Staff Writer

Speaking to the committee at Monday night’s council meeting, [Mayor] Thompson said that the ordinance must include identification of pure and mixed breed dogs which have statistically been found to cause injury to other animals and people.

Again, he pushed for the registration and insurance components the previous ordinance required and added a training requirement he said the committee could not omit…

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