Omaha, NE: Breed-specific law may relax for puppies

Omaha, NE has breed-specific restrictions that apply to “pit bulls,” defined as American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, Dogo Argentinos, Presa Canarios, Cane Corsos, American bulldogs, and any dog that resembles one of these breeds.

Currently, dogs of these breeds of any age must be muzzled, leashed, and harnessed when in public, unless the dog has passed a Canine Good Citizen test.

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On the consent agenda for City Council Meeting on November 2 at 2 PM:

31. Ord. to amend Sections 6-50 and 6-163 of the Omaha Municipal Code; to reduce redemption fees; to exempt pit bulls younger than 6 months of age from harness and muzzle requirements; and to provide an effective date

 Contact information for City Council:

No muzzles for pit bull pups?

By Emily Nohr

[…] Under one of the changes to be considered by the council, pit bulls ages six months or younger could be harness- and muzzle-free in public.

Pam Wiese, spokesperson for the Nebraska Humane Society, said pit bull puppies are prevented from socializing normally when constricted by a harness or muzzle.[…]

“To get a muzzle to fit a pit bull puppy, you would have to buy at least three different muzzle sizes,” she said.[…]

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