Douglasville, GA: Ad hoc committee presents new dog ordinance

Douglasville, GA recently decided against a breed ban in a narrow vote. The council formed an ad hoc committee to create a new dog ordinance. They recently discussed the new ordinance, revealing that the council is still divided and some councilmembers are still leaning toward breed-specific measures.

View the city council meeting schedule here:
Citizens may attend any of these meetings (regular, work session, or committee meeting) and may speak during the comments sections of the regular and work session meetings.

Mickey Thompson, Mayor,
LaShun Burr Danley, Councilmember Ward 3, Post 1, 
Samuel Davis, Councilmember Ward 3, Post 2,
Dennis McLain, Councilmember Ward 2,
Terry Miller, Councilmember Ward 5, Post 2,
Roy E. Mims, Councilman Ward 5, Post 1,
John R. Schildroth, Mayor Pro Tem, Ward 4,
Larry G. Yockey, Councilmember Ward 1,
William D. Osborne, City Manager,

The article below does not clearly explain the proposals being discussed, so I do not know at this time whether the new proposal is breed-specific, nor what exactly the proposed ordinance says. Because the proposal is still being drafted, it is not yet available to the public, per the city clerk. So, unfortunately, this perplexing news article is the best information I have to offer at this time.

Mayor hears committee’s report on new dangerous dogs law

by Helen McCoy/Sentinel Times Georgian
2 days 3 hrs ago

[…] Unlike the breed-specific ordinance, this one proposes covers between 200 and 300 potentially dangerous dogs, defined by Yockey as being “any dog with the propensity, tendency or disposition to attack without provocation.”[…]

“Every dog is not going to kill people, but we still are not addressing the situation of these dogs that attack,” McLain said.[…]

This was the whole council’s introduction to the proposal, which they were asked to read through. The draft will undergo scrutiny from Chief Assistant City Attorney Suzan Littlefield before being brought back to the Public Safety Committee for discussion.

Full article retrieved 11/2/10 from

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