Kirksville, MO: Breed ban may become breed-specific restrictions

Kirksville city council has become divided in its support for a “pit bull” ban. They are now considering other options, such as liability insurance or owner training requirements. It’s not clear at this time whether the new proposals are to be breed-neutral or breed-specific, but from the tone of this news article, they sound breed-specific.

Breed ban losing traction

By Taylor Muller, Daily Express
Posted Nov 02, 2010 @ 11:50 AM

Kirksville, Mo. — It’s likely that the proposed dangerous animal ordinance will not come to a vote in the Kirksville City Council and instead city staff will work out a compromise focusing on enforcement and licensing efforts.[…]

Council discussed the ordinance and the public input during its study session Monday afternoon at City Hall, with council members failing to come to a consensus on how to proceed.[…]

City Manager Mari Macomber said city officials would look into proposed insurance, fencing, training and enforcement issues to draft a compromise in the following weeks.[…]

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City of Kirksville, 201 South Franklin Street, Kirksville, MO 63501
Toll Free: 888-299-1223
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City Council:
Todd Kuhns, Mayor, [Against ban, would support “compromise”]
Richard Detweiler, [Strongly for ban]
Carolyn Chrisman, [Against ban, suggested alternatives]
Tony Fajkus, [Against ban, for “compromise” including insurance, training]
Martha Rowe, [Previously for ban, now unsure, but still wants to “get rid of pit bulls”]

City Manager Mari Macomber,
City Clerk Vicki Brumbaugh,

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