Texas: Pit bull ban to be presented to legislators

Contact info for the Texas senator and representative who will (according to the article) be receiving the ban proposal on Friday–ask them not to file or support breed-specific legislation.
Senator Kevin Eltife: http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/members/dist1/dist1.htm#form
Representative Chuck Hopson: http://www.house.state.tx.us/members/member-page/email/?district=11&session=81

East Texans push for ban on Pit Bulls

Posted: Nov 11, 2010 5:50 PM CST
By Sara Story

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – […]A group of East Texans are pushing for a state-wide ban on Pit Bulls, and a first draft of the legislation will be presented to state senators on Friday.[…]

Kent also said if a ban is not enacted, a provision would allow people to own Pit Bulls only if they’re kept secure.

“We are talking about 8 foot fences, covered on the top that go one foot into the ground. Secure locks, so children can’t get into them,” Kent said.[…]

Kent said she will present the first draft of the legislation to State Senator Eltife and State Representative Hopson on Friday.

Full article retrieved 11/11/10 from http://www.kltv.com/Global/story.asp?S=13488499

72 responses to “Texas: Pit bull ban to be presented to legislators

  1. michelle price

    I have a pit and and a child we watch our child people need to keep an eye on their children around ALL dogs

  2. I own a pit bull and he has NEVER showed any aggression towards other people or dogs. He is very excited to see every person, but never aggressive. This ban is extremely unfair. And very ignorant. People don’t realize how amazing pit bulls are to own and they support the legislation based on ignorant assumptions. Wait until you own a pit and then tell me they are not good dogs who love their owner like any other dog.

  3. Please do not to file or support breed-specific legislation. There are to many good animals at risk here.To completely ban one breed of dogs is just wrong this is a inhumane way of dealing with this. What will owners have to do take there life long pet and have them euthanize?

    • Please be sure to send your comments to the legislators who will be considering whether to file this proposal. Their contact pages are provided above. Thanks, everyone!

  4. Pitbulls are not all aggressive. This ban is not fair, in the sense that there are aggressive dogs in every kind of breed, as well as non aggressive dogs. Small dogs pose a huge threat to children and others. The behavior problems with pets is usually not enough activity for the pet, no training, and dogs should not be left alone with children to begin with.

  5. I’m with you 2 on this one. Some peoples lab show more aggression toward kids then my American Pit bull Terrier, most bad dogs usally have bad owners. So why because someone shouldn’t own a dog should people that know how to properly train an socialize them have to suffer a ban on them!

  6. PEOPLE need to BE RESPONSIBLE for THEIR OWN CHILDREN, its not the dog, its the PARENTS or CAREGIVER of the child. All dogs come with teeth, but its a parents obligation to watch their child and be IN CONTROL of them. A dog may be smart but kids can be mean.

    When I lived in Tyler people had better sense!!

  7. Breed-specific laws are mob-mentality witch hunts that stink of racism. What we need is more strict laws against animal cruelty, more aggressive law-enforcement efforts to bust dog fighting, a federal ban on puppy mills, support-oriented (not punishment-oriented) requirements for responsible dog ownership, more neighborhood off-leash dog parks, more education, etc. Individual “problem dogs” should be turned over to the ASPCA or local shelter to be evaluated by professionals.

    I have known countless pit bull dogs who were the most lovable creatures and never hurt anyone. My sister’s pit bull is a total baby who lets the cat beat up on her. In east central Austin there are lots of pit bulls but I’ve only ever been attacked by a Rottweiler. The only dogs that ever bit me as a child were a miniature poodle and another miniature mutt my parents got from the pound (probably puppy mill dogs). As a dog-sitter, the worst behaved and most aggressive dogs I’ve taken care of were small-breed dogs who did not get enough exercise and attention.

    • you couldnt have said it better i wish they would make dog owners own a license to own a dog because half of these people treat their dogs like crap.. im so sick of it!

  8. I have 3 Pit Bulls. I fully agree there should be laws in place to protect both the breed, owners, and a “possible” victim of the irresponsbility. Placing a ban gives criminals another reason to defy the law. And more innocent dogs will be placed in harms way because of it, then doing them good. Issue a registry for breeders and control the number of breedings per year. Containment laws that do not involve your dog being treated like a wild animal nor a yard ornament. Public exposure laws, that your dog wear a muzzle, to own or possess this breed to be licensed to do so. Yes, there are a number of innocent victims, but in that number, most of those dogs were innocent victims once as well. Look at the ownership, hold that ownership responsible, and hold a parent responsble for not being responsible enough to watch their children when with any animal.

  9. It will not stop at just the pit bull…. when a ban is in place, there are five breeds that normally end up on it- pit bull, rottweiler, doberman, german shepherd, and mastiff… I do not own a pit bull, but I will fight like heck against BSL because I own a german shepherd. Anyone who tells me “pit bulls are vicious andshould be banned” I tell them “my grman shepherd can be just as big of a bully as any pit bull, if not more”, they are always shocked because my german shepherd is well behaved in public. But it drives the point home that a ban is not the answer, but more strict punishments on irresponsble owners. I also direct them to ATTS.org where it shows they pass/fail a temperament test, and many people are shockd to see the pit bull surpasses many of the much loved breeds such as the lab, golden and even the german shepherd. There are about 75 breeds on ban lists nation wide (you can find it here http://rdows.wordpress.com/rdows-updated-compilation-of-bannedrestricted-dog-breeds/).

  10. I couldn’t have said it better than Beky above!

    I am not a pet-sitter, I am a vet-tech, and the worst dogs we see are usually poodles and chihuahuas.

    I wrote to the legislators linked, and everyone else should too!

  11. There are far things worse than pitbulls. As a pit owner, my dog has been around a lot of different people including children. Kids in neighborhood love him and playing with him. He has never shown to be a threat to anyone.

  12. I have two pit bulls. One is a rescue that is unfortunately aggressive because of a previous owner. We care for her and keep her away from the public at all times. But the other pit we have had since a pup. Loving, happy, normal, and part of this family. Literally a nuture vs. nature poster-family, we represent the sanity of educated people in Texas.


  14. There really aren’t bad dogs, just bad owners.

  15. Here is a Facebook page for East Texans who are against the ban proposal: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_162668880440173&ref=notif&notif_t=group_r2j


  17. I don’t beleive in breed specific legislation but in stricter enforcement of existing laws regarding dog ownership and responsibility. Any dog has the potential to be a dangerous dog in the wrong hands just as any dog has the potential to be a wonderful companion in the right ones. For instance Golden Retrievers are known for being great family dogs. Yet a couple of years ago I was walking my Siberian Husky and she was attacked by a loose Golden. Does this mean all Golden Retrievers are vicious and should be banned? No. It means that particular Golden was not properly cared for and poorly socialized. I was shocked that the owner of the Golden was not issued a citation as we live in a city with leash laws and we were walking in a heavily populated residential area. Owners need to be held responsible for the behavior of their dogs regardless of the breed. I knew when I brought home that sweet little fluffy puppy 11 years ago I was responsible for her physical & mental well being as well as the safety of anyone who comes into contact with her. Perhaps if exisiting laws were more strictly enforced and owners were actually held responsible for their dog’s behavior we’d see a decrease in dog related incidents. Just about everytime you see one of these attacks in the news the neighbors are always there saying how the dog has been a nuisance in the past but nothing was done.

  18. Writing to them now. This is fucking bullshit and angers me to no end. Hopefully it’s just a big riot now but will calm down later and won’t take place.

  19. SunnySouthTexas

    I have sent out half a dozen notes to my representatives…

    What misguided legislation they are considering. :-\

  20. To ban a breed, is to segregate and single out a single race! BSL, is pure racism, there’s no debating it! the people that support BSL, also support, the Holocaust, slavery, white supremacy, and non rights for women, just to mention a few. So while I have a loving pet who has never harmed ANYONE or ANY animal I have to surrender or euthanize her because parents are irresponsible and cant keep an eye on their children? I am sorry but this is sounding a little like the holocaust to me! I have no problem with their being standards to own a pit… but to completely ban them. I will say this you will have to fight me to take my dogs away! If all fails well then goodbye Texas if I cant be free to love my dogs then I don’t want to live in such a ridiculous state. The irresponsible owners should be punished not the dog.

  21. I have a 6 month old female pit bull puppy, who is now going through training and has won every award every week for doing what she was told when she was told. She is going to take the canine good citizenship test to get her certificate soon, and the trainers all have faith she is going to pass this test. She is then going to get tested and get her certificate to be a therapy dog. I have three dogs a lab, beagle, and now her the pit bull. She is the best dog I have, my beagle is more protective than she is by far. It is not the breed that is the problem it is the lack of good ownership and training. Of course people think pit bulls are worse than any other breed because thats all you hear about. If I was to go around Texas and tell you all the bad things that happen there no one would want to move there. My pit bull LOVES EVERYBODY and sleeps with my kids. PLEASE TEXAS DO NOT BAN pit bulls. My family loves all our dogs and I could not bare to let my pit go she is part of our family. Pit bulls need to be socialized, trained, and without a doubt exercised. The owner’s of these aggressive pit bulls, should have paid closer attention to their dogs, and researched the breed before every getting the dog, thats with any dog not just the pit bulls.

  22. i think its all in the owners. further more i think its ridiculous that people would ban a breed of dog based on a human beings lack of responsibility. last time i checked human beings were the most intelligent and advanced species on the planet so why dont we act like it!. i have owned several breeds of dogs from german shepards to pitts and out of the many breeds my pitts were the most loving and fun.people are killed everyday because of lack of responsibility or lack of respect toward animals and it saddens me greatly bout the children but i have a 2 year old of my own and the number one question is where were the parents. did they kill the whales at sea world or ban them from being kept in habitats or boas kept in homes even though deaths have been linked to them.it comes down to being responsible.its sad i know several drunk drivers that got a suspension of a licence or a lil jail time for ruining peoples lives, who by the way should be old enough to make decisions wisely if there old enough to drive and got mere slaps on the wrist, but your ready to punish an animal needing us just to live daily. people use your head and find out why the childen werent suppervised and maybe set a law that requires certian living arangmets that need to be made by the owners but to take other childrens pets and break there hearts for anothers lack of resposibilty is sad and cruel and definately is unamerican.also what example are we setting to children whos parents have trained them responsibly? its saying hey even though you do everything your supposed to this uy messed up and your getting punished for it.if thats the case just why dont we make all laws like that next time a kid does something unlawful just go down the niegborhood locking up everyones kids because his parentsdidnt tain them. people use your head and think!. parents be parents or dont have kids if your not responsible and im sorry again for the loses but two wrongs dont make a right.

  23. i think its sad that an animal that needs us and relys on us just to live and survive would be punished for others lack of responsibility. last time i checked humans were the most intelligent and most powerful species on earth and as all of us know with power and privaleges comes responsibilty.the question is where were the parents and why was the pet not taking care of responsibly.ive taking care of several breeds and owned from german shepards to pittbulls and believe it or not my fav are pitts.i have never owned animals as loyal or that have so much loving or affection. its sad were supposed to be the smartest species until we have to answer for our mistakes.i guess that next time a parents kid goes out and shoots or drives drunk and kills or hurts someone well go and lock up and punish all the children in texas that were doing what they were supposed too.open your eyes texas parents and guardians are at fault here,thats like look at the mike vick case it sickens me he was not punished worse because of his status. what of the suffering animals in dog fights and fighters that murded helpless animals that walk away with slaps on the wrist. everyone is on bully kicks recently well were bullying species that cant defend themselves.stop bullying look up the definition. thousands of people and children will be punished for a group of people who cant take care of thier children or pets. parents im sorry for your loses i truly am i have a 2 year old but the difference in me an them the golden rule of children,” never leave children unsuppervised”.theres a reason thats a law. if you cant handle responsibility of children and pets take precautions not to have them. what kinda lesson are we sending to children?why be responsible because no matter how resposible you are people that arent will ruin all you work for. thats a great message to send to kids. im sure if the world was like that every where the world as we know would collapse in a day!. grow up and think people and punish those irresponsible!.

  24. Banning pit bulls is against our freedom. Hell Ban cigarettes, they kill, ban guns, they kill, ban cars, they kill, ban sex, ban sugars and salts, ban ban ban. When you start this war it will be a war and it will take all our freedoms away. We will not have a choice to do anything. This will begin a cycle of events.
    In reality people’s ignorance kills. Not the object used, the people’s ignorance I say!!
    We took God out of our nation already…. Look what that has done.
    I truly feel for anyone who has suffered a loss whether it was a dog attack, a gun, a vehicle, cancer anything. But we have to draw a line of holding people in control of their surroundings. They chose to let a child wonder in to a yard of 30 dogs unattended. accident or not, it was a person’s ignorance to blame.
    We have lesser consequences for Rapists, Murderers, and robbers than we do this ignorant bill. Focus on the ignorant Humans, Not the dog. Man created it’s own issues. But man doesn’t hold man accountable. Prisoners are released for killing. We give them a chance to live on our hard earned money to pay for their jail sentence and then set them free. We are a society that needs to hold man more accountable. Responsibility lies on human ignorance, not the animal!!!!


  26. We do not live in a perfect world. Mrs. Kent, I remind you that Men kill Men on a daily basis. Gee, do you now suggest that the Law
    should BAN MAN? The Law punishes the individual man who committed the crime.The Law does not punish the entire human
    race due to the crime committed by the individual man. Mrs. Kent, why should my innocent APBT be held responsible for a crime she
    did not commit? GOD BLESS the individual who scored the
    statement, “Punish the deed, not the breed.” Recall that Hitler used his own form of BSL by annihilating different “breeds” of humans
    to breed the perfect MAN. Yes, this pertains to humans, but the
    point made is crystal clear. Mrs. Kent, I ask you to read “Death by
    Government,” which demonstrates the untold millions who were
    murdered in part due to some form of BSL. Yes, this book pertains
    to humans, but again the point made is crystal clear. Yes, dogs do
    attack and kill dogs, as well as other animals, irregardless of the dog
    breed. Yes, dogs do sometime injure or kill humans, irregardless
    of the dog breed. No, we do not live in a perfect world. STOP
    singling out the APBT. Our pit bull terriers are very much loved
    and cherished members of our family. No, they are not humans,
    but they might as well be. Mrs. Kent, you do not have the right to
    speak for the entire state of Texas.

  27. We have an american pit bull terrier she’s 2-3 years old, she is a sweet heart and has a very mild temperament. We are her third home due to the previous owners circumstances, in none of the homes has she ever shown any type of aggression . I think with any dog no matter what breed, you have to be cautious. I believe parents should also be held responsible. Just as people expect owners to be responsible and take precautions, parents should too. I am no way condemning actions of a dangerous dog, i think a dangerous dog should be put down no matter the breed. However, to say an entire breed is to be band is stupid and said by some one ignorant who has no prior experience with the breed…. they should call Cesar Millan, he’s the expert not them.

  28. It is the responsiblity of the owner to keep agressive animals away from people. It is the responsibility of parents to keep children safe. Children (especially as young as 2) should not be left unnattended long enough to wander up to strange animals, or be left alone with familiar ones. I think the parents of these children need to be held accountable! NEGLECT is what comes to mind. The owner should keep thier animals away from strangers period. I to have owned a pit bull, Sarah. She was the most docile dog I have EVER seen. She let kittens play with her, bite her and scratch her and she did nothing but lick in return. The only time I saw her get upset is when a friend started to spank her child. She was VERY protective of any small child. You could not spank a child in her presence without her getting upset. And how about the thought that once a pit bull has something in it’s jaws you can’t make them let go? Not this pit bull. She would not even play tug-a-war. If I wanted it it was mine right from her mouth, it was mine no matter what it was. How can you kill perfectly loving animals like Sarah Just because of the Neglect of a few parents and pet owners?

  29. paula bessonett

    You all have some good points about different types of legislation and I don’t necessarily disagree about ill tempered small dogs but they do not kill kids or maim them to needing plastic surgery. I have over twenty years in medicine and the reality is the worst bites have more often than not been pit bulls. Just how much can a chihuahua usually hurt you. The baby in florida – a mom can’t go pee? Did a newborn provoke the dog? Come on people – let’s all check some statistics before we get crazy. There are poodle puppy mills but no children have been killed there. These are bad owners but children are not dying. Maybe pits are not bad but they are dangerous. And a ten year old waking down his street is not a neglected unsupervised child

    • Paula, small dogs have killed and mauled people. The severity of a dog bite depends on a variety of circumstantial factors, including but not limited to the size ratio of the two involved parties, the actions of the victim, the motivation of the dog, the training of the dog, and the manner in which the dog is being controlled (loose, leashed, chained, kenneled, etc.). With your “twenty years in medicine,” I’m sure you’ve read plenty of dog bite studies. Even the CDC has declared it impossible and impractical to label breeds “dangerous.” The CDC and AVMA have warned that all dogs can bite and kill. If you’re in the medical field, I certainly hope you are educating your clients about the dangers of all dogs. You do a disservice to the community and you insult dog bite victims by minimizing the dangers posed by small dogs.

    • StopStupidBreedDiscrimination

      Paula, saying that a breed is dangerous is nothing more than being a racist against a dog breed! How much interaction have you had with pit bulls? How much first hand experience do you have with pit bulls? I foster them and have 6 at my house at any given time, along with other breeds. Statistics are biased it’s ridiculous. I know first hand that when you are bit by a dog, many hospitals will ask if it was a pit that bit you….if it was, it gets reported, if not then it goes unreported. Hmmm….those are some really accurate statistics!! And let’s talk about parents not supervising their children. And how when pit bulls are in the headlines for biting or an attack, you never see the owners that more than likely raised the dog to be that way. Any large dog breed can be treated bad enough to be mean & cause bodily damage. So are we going to ban every dog that isn’t ankle height? Get a grip on reality, saying a breed is mean is like saying a specific race is entirely criminals.

  30. Please dont punish a breed for history or bad current owners & breeders. Honestly banding a breed is a form of racisum. Its just like baning all mexican because history says they came from over the border, or blacks cause all or majority are in gangs. Its the same type of judgments people are putting towards a animal. If we as human start with one dog it will only be repeated with another & more racist acts. I know not every one has to agree or view animal rights as I do “equal to human” but if we are the head hanchos “top of the food chain” why cant we seem to control & disapline the few bad breeders , owners. With any animal or speices there a chance of death or harm or public dislike but it doesnt mean lets band it or lock the hole race up we as human have created the jail “like the pound” that both are for unwanted , harmful to everyday life, uncontrolable, or simply troubled people/humans. Not to mention we have death sentencing for both human & animal that fall under that cadagory. Please Dont take this breed to a grave take the ppl responsable for creating the the situations the breed has got been reconized majority for & grant the breed there rightful joyed filled life .

  31. DARE!!! I dare all the people considering this Mentally Ignorant law, To go out with a proper PitBull owner spend a day around Pitbulls or go out & foster a pitbull & make up you mind after being around the breed for atleast a week & i can assure you quitly see that like with any animal or human race its never the breed, color , or history that bad its the surrounding the owners the controler. Its like saying because cars were created for easy transportation but they kill & harm more people every 2.5sec Everyday. are you saying were all going to go back to walking or horse back? Whats next ? When will People see things for what they truely are & not whats on tv or stop playing telephone like kid & get the right message the truthful message . Truth is PitBulls are no different from a chihuahua, germanshephard , Labadors, or poodles. All have historys all have own benifits & negitives, only reason pitbull are so heard about is beacuse hear say has made it that bad breed that every imature person wants to have their trouble making hands on “kinda like every celb. wants a pocket chihuahua”

  32. Wow, really Mrs. Kent another reason for this state to have a blackeye do to stupidy that are elected into office. I hope u really spent time researching how dangerous pits are compared to other breeds. If such laws are passed. What’s next, will I have to build a compound around my house to keep other dogs and kids out that do not belong to me? Pots are lovable I didn’t know much on the breed till I rescued one. Pits are not dangerous ignorant people that jump to conclusions about a breed are! Please research about the breed before casting judgement, you will see the beautiful dogs only want to please their master.

  33. As a Voter and dog owner/gun owner that also enjoys a cold one at home (sometimes) I would like to voice my opinion about the American Pit Bull dog. I have owned several in my life, raising my children around them, they were house pets for the most part, and were treated like kids and loved the same, none of my dogs has ever bitten anyone, however as a Land Surveyor, I have been bitten a few times, but never by a Bull Dog. Unlike Guns and Alcohol which kill Thousands every year in the wrong hands, I not sure but you can probably count on your hands and toes the amount of people killed by bull dogs and have a foot or two left over.
    What might need to happen so we can keep or dogs could be this. Not chained but in a fenced yard maybe 6 foot tall, locked with warning signs posted every so many feet, I would be willing to do this to keep my friends. Also you could limit the amount of breeding age dogs to TWO per household. Anybody owning 30 dogs are fighting them and I think we all know that.

    If this ban takes place there will be a lot of good people losing their property rights, their pets that they love (some like children, me being one).

    What will next, YOUR GUNS because like I said in comparison they make the injuring and killing by bulldogs almost non existent, for Texas to ban bull dogs would give all the liberal states the right to say Look at Texas, if they think its time to start banning things that kill when owned by the wrong people then its time to ban guns because they are the biggest killer of all. If you want to stop the problem with dogs first you got to stop the people that tie them up, feed them gun powder to make them mean and beat them to make them attack. If you ban the bull dogs they will only get other breeds. You think a Pit Bull is bad when trained like that try English Bull Mastiff and Rottweiler. And also correct me if I am wrong The State of Texas does not allow for breed specific legislation. Here is a site on the net that I wish you would take a look at http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/articles/petaletter.html.

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my letter whether or not you agree with me.

    Regards, Alan Kirby


  35. (Sent to Hopson and Nichols) Sir, I have emailed you about my opinion on keeping my dogs, but I am writing you once again to add a short thought. The ban to me is kinda like having the eat Obamacare.

    First, when you take everyone’s property you will have to compensate those people or maybe Mrs. Kent and the City of Tyler thats pushing this so hard will do it since it looks like they are in control, the female Bull Dog I have left is valued around $800.00 some are less but some a whole lot more. So the State just paid out a chunk of change, kinda like the bailouts. That means all the people who don’t like bull dogs will be buying a lot of high dollar dogs.

    Second, the fence rules Mrs. Kent proposes are somewhat over board, 10 foot tall, get real, and a top on it at that, doesn’t she realize that with a top the fence could be only 2′ tall and they could not jump out, maybe she should take some engineering course’s before planning such projects or most likely all she is doing is using typical lawyer wording, scare the @#$% out of you and hope to get something small in return.

    Third, just think of all the lawsuit cost you are about to strap Texans with.

  36. Ashley Cunningham

    To whom it may concern,
    I would like to address you concerning a recent proposal regarding Breed Specific Legislation in Texas and my concerns associated with it. Before we (as a State or Nation) decide the fate of an entire breed-race or creed-we have to be informed and, unfortunately, the public is not well informed of all the positive impacts American Pit Bull terrier and “Pit Bull type” dogs have had on our country and the Spirit of Freedom in our nation. APBT have been portrayed as vicious in the media in many ways, mostly in news, movies, television and music videos. There are those who choose to have an APBT for the wrong reasons, as is the case for many breeds, sacrificing the animal’s best interest for their own. There are far more responsible owners who socialize and care for their APBT who would be willing to abide by reasonable laws and regulations. This should be a standard for all breeds of dogs, preserving animal and human rights.

    If a concerned citizen were to contact a reputable veterinarian, animal behaviorist, dog trainer or breeder they would understand more about these animals. They were bred, like many breeds of dog, to be tenacious but to maintain an unwavering loyalty to humans. They hunted boars, baited bulls, have done rescue work, sniffed out drugs and helped save people in disasters. Any breed of dog can be manipulated and taught to be aggressive to humans or animals, as is the case with German Shepherds,-who herded sheep but now are very effective police dogs trained to be human aggressive. Like any large breed of dog, they need positive training and be accepted into their family. Too many people acquire a dog, of many breeds, only to confine them to a chain or yard with little to no human socialization; this is human error, not animal.

    There are currently 310,734,967 people in the United States now, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, from 1967-2010 there has been approximately 700 fatal dog attacks, 153 being APBT or “pit Bull type” dogs. In 2007 there were 3,443 deaths contributed to drowning or boating alone. Texas is becoming the stage for another witch hunt, trying to explain why something horrible happened but failing to take responsibility for ourselves. Most of these cases of fatal Pit Bull attacks have been young children killed in their homes by family pets (we do not know how capable some of the adults were as dog owners or their knowledge of the breed or dogs in general) or several dogs who were running loose. This is the trend among all dog attacks, which leaves the people who were supposed to be in charge to blame.

    As a family we are terrified for the uncertain future of not only our APBT but our former fosters who live in happy, responsible homes -who are terrified themselves-and are now wondering of our own future in Texas. We have begun discussing our options with BSL-surrendering a family member is out of the question-sacrificing our home (and City of our birth) would be our only option. An option that is almost inconceivable for us financially, but we will not allow our family member’s life to be so thoughtlessly snuffed out. Breed Specific legislation is not effective; it is cruel, unjust and unconstitutional. Please do not allow the uneducated public to snuff out the lives of thousands upon thousands of family pets.

    Furthermore, as a country we have forgotten why APBT are so popular… They were an image of strength and resilience in times of war-even hailed as war hero’s, APBT are the only breed of dog featured on Time Magazine twice, Helen Keller, Humphrey Bogart and the Little Rascals (Petey was in fact a APBT) all owned Pit Bulls. As a country we idolized them, made them popular and now instead of taking responsibility and doing what’s right, we are proposing systematic extermination of them. It is heart breaking that this is what we are reduced to , morally/ethically, as a nation.

    Ashley Cunningham – Wife, Mother of two, Proud Pit Bull Owner/foster, Student, fellow citizen.

  37. Yes, all dogs can be agressuve in the hands of the wrong owner. Unfortunalty, what many Pitt Bull owners are forgetting is that overagresiveness and “killing” traits were specifically bread in Pitt Bulls from the beginning. That is where they got their name. They were bread to be perfect killers in dog fighting rings. Although some of that agressiveness has been bred out of the breed, it is still part of their genetics. Even in good homes, Pitts have a reputation more than any other breed to be agressive for no apperent reason. Even though some cars made in India are great for gas milage and are very practicle transportation, you will never seen them on the road here in the US. Why?…because they are not made to be very safe…..Sorry Pitt owners, the same goes for those poor animals who had no control of how they were originally bred

    • Felipe, your definition of “pit bull” is not the same as the definition being used by the law or by the people here. “Pit bull” is a vague term that means little more than “medium-sized, short-haired mutt.” Such mutts are not “bred for killing” any more than any other dog. They are mixed-breed dogs that may not even have a drop of “pit bull” (as you define it) blood in them. Any type of mutt, from a Dalmatian mix to a Lab mix to a Poodle mix, can be born with the appearance of a “pit bull” and may potentially be swept up by breed-specific laws. No one is testing these dogs for genetic traits (and, btw, “killing traits” as you put it, cannot be bred into a dog, nor can aggression). Breed-specific laws look at the outward appearance of a dog and condemn it on that basis alone. I won’t even discuss the other fallacies you present in your argument, as they have been refuted many times elsewhere.

  38. Annesha Mason

    It is not the will of God to destroy any living thing and to destroy animals based on random attacks because the animal owner was not in control of teh dog is horrible. I almost said I pray that you all do the humane thing however, humanity is what reasoning you are using to do this travisty so my prayer is that you do the Godly thing and follow only the law of our Father in heaven and if you do not then may God have mercy upon your souls.

    I wrote both and hope other fair-minded, sensible individuals will, too. It only takes a moment. Instantly criminalizing law-abiding, responsible citizens and killing outright hundreds of thousands of family pets, therapy dogs, and working companions instead of holding the humans responsible (as current laws already make provision for) is not just morally wrong, it’s illogical. The problem isn’t DOGS, it’s PEOPLE. And if hard cases make bad law, ignorance and myths plus hard cases builds the road to hell paved with good intentions gone wrong.
    Cars, toy balloons, and house slippers are responsible for the deaths of significantly more people every year than all dog types combined. Yet nobody proposes banning any of those things because obviously it would be stupid. Dogs are no different.

  40. I have a two year old and a 9 year old pitbull that thinks he is a five pound lap dog. It’s not the dog it’s how the dog is raised.

  41. Sent the following to the Sen./Rep. :

    Sen. Eltife / Rep. Hopson

    I am writing you after receiving the unsettling news that legislation is being presented to you this week regarding a statewide ban on pit bulls.

    I encourage you to not to file or support this legislation as it includes hastily constructed, emotionally charged provisions that are neither practical nor fair by any standards.

    I ask that you consider both sides of the issue, and not make a drastic decision that affects millions resulting from the unfortunate acts of a few. Banning the breed in its entirety would be a gross exaggeration to a problem that in fact has many more facets.

    I invite you to delve deeper into the breed, where you will find millions of animals living peacefully with families of all ages, helping to dispel the sensationalism and negativity that the media places upon them with every person they meet.

    Please consider that all parties must be held accountable for the recent unfortunate events involving the breed – not just placed upon the animals themselves. The responsibility must be distributed equally among the children’s parents (for it is their duty to ensure the child’s safety at all times) and the owners of the animals (it is their responsibility to understand the animal’s temperament and to provide and care for it accordingly).

    Statistically, these animals are not any more prone to these events than any other large breed dog. The media has skewed these statistics, and only has provided negative coverage on the breed. Once again, I ask that you please consider all the facts carefully in your decision, and I hope that you choose not to discriminate against a breed of millions solely upon the acts of a few.



    I own 2 pitbulls. Both are the absolute most loving animals I have ever come accross. Never have I known a more affectionate breed.
    This ban is unfair to us owners who raise our dogs correctly. It is NOT the dogs’ fault, it’s the owners’ fault for rasing them in an aggressive manner!
    I’m begging you, please don’t make me and my 12 year old son get rid of our loving family pets.
    I am a Grooming Salon Manager of a major corporation. In all the 15 years in my profession, NEVER have I come accross an aggressive or mean pitbull. I’ve seen HUNDREDS!
    Other breeds, however, I have had problems with. Such as; Rottwielers, German Shepherds, Labradors, Golden Retrievers etc..
    I hope that you will sincerely read this and feel my pain on this subject.
    Thank you for your time
    Dawn Ringler

    I’m not sure what’s going on but my mom says that some one, either you or some one, is trying to make us kill or at least get rid of our dogs.
    I don’t understand why you are doing that! My dogs have done nothing to anyone ever. I understand that some other pitbulls have been not so nice to people and even killed a couple people.
    Mom says 2 people in 2 years have been killed by pitbulls. I thought about that for a minute and asked her, “Okay, so if they’re trying to make us get rid of our dogs, then what about all the drunk jerks that kill people everyday? Are these people getting rid of the drunks? Or even the beer?”
    So what ever you all are trying to do, please don’t make me kill my dogs. I’ve had them since I can remember and I love them so much! I can’t imagine my life without them.
    My name is Zeian and I am 12 years old. I’m not old enough to understand government stuff really, but I am old enough to understand that GOD does not want any of his creatures killed for “humane” purposes.
    Thank you for reading this and I hope it touches you in your concience.

  44. As many of us know a pitbull can be just as dangerous as a basket of unmated socks. At times a handful, but never a task that couldnt be handle in the hands of the right owner. I’m speaking on behalf of our 3 boys (ages: 3, 7, and 8), aswell as our 3 pitbulls. I asked my boys last night what would they do if someone came and took our dogs? They responded “We would die mama.” So I asked them to say a prayer to help other people see this situation in color, and to understand its not the breed that needs to be harmed, nor my boys heart. My grandfather passed away 4 years ago, and my grandmother was having a hard time staying by herself. Everyday I visit her, and bring one of my dogs (pitbull)with me. Now she has her own and keeps her in the house. My grandmother is 78 years old, and owns a 2 year old pitbull. Please don’t take the joy out of my family lives. “I own a pitbull, and proud to live in Texas” Dont take that away from your forever faithfull TEXANS.
    Motorcycles have killed more people than any pitbull, but yet we are still able to purchase and drive one?

  45. Breed bans dont work. I hope Texas listens to its constituents and to the experts as my government in ONtario DID NOT LISTEN and now we deal with abused unwanted stray dogs plus thousands of healthy ones who have been killed simply due to there breed.

  46. Jacquitha Payne

    This is so ignorant to ban this loyal breed of dogs! I have a pit & he comes from a loving environment & a loving family! His mother and father are great family dogs and we go to visit them still to this day! I have never seen any aggressive behavior from his parents, his sisters & brothers nor him! They have never been aggressive to my kids either! My kids adore them so much & when I told them that they were considering banning the breed, they cried because they don’t want to give up their dog/bestfriend! Common sense tell you to keep supervise ANY animal with children or visitors! You have ignorant people out there that use these dogs for the wrong reasons like fighting! Why don’t you ban the people or lock them up & throw away the key! I refuse to give my dog up because of what some stupid people that shouldn’t be allowed to even have pets! Dogs in general are & will always be considered mans best friend! Any dog can be or become aggressive, its just not pits in general so if you want to ban one breed ban them all, even this smallest breed can be aggressive! I was bitten by a little poodle & a shitzu so please stop being so ignorant & try owning one first before you past any judgement on these magnificent & loyal creatures & cast them to extinction! We love our dog & we WILL NOT get rid of him because of ignorance! Good Day!

  47. Shawn Heimann

    This is CRAP!!!!! Like any dog, it is the way they are treated and raised….if you are a responsible pet owner and have your animal spayed or neutered and treat them well then they will be just as docile as any other dog. Whats next are you going to ban ALL DOGS? EVERY dog has the potential to be agressive. I have owned pitbulls for a number of years and one of them that was abused and she changed alot of minds on the fear of this breed.
    I also talked to an animal control officer who told me that they had had more reported attacks by the more “docile” breeds like labs and other retriever’s in the last 10 years then they had Pitbulls but, because people are afriad of them…. they are being condemned…its EDUCATION PEOPLE!!!!!!! They are not a dog you can just go get one of and expect to leave it in your yard to do what its going to do…..all ANIMALS require attention and if you dont give this dog what it requires yes, it has the potential to turn…JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER DOG IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. this is silly, pit bulls are not a danger. The danger is the people who raise them, do not raise the animal in a proper way. I have had several, raised them actually, people need to see what the kennel clubs have to say about them, they are actually the better dog to have around children. Just like a child raised in a loving home and a child raised in a home full of turmoil, the child raised in turmoil tends to have that all his/her life, the child raised in a loving home tends to have that later in their life.

  49. This is all caused from ignorance, of the dog’s owner and the child’s parents. It has NOTHING to do with the breed but how you raise the dog. I have been bitten by a lab, America’s favorite dog, and have been raised around pit bulls my whole life. I currently have a 5 month old pit who lives in our house and sleeps in bed with me every night. His mother and father as well as grandparents were all raised this way and are all loving animals. There is no way that this will pass. There are too many pit lovers and the government has more impotant issues to worry about.

  50. This is the same government BS that gun owners deal with on a daily basis. I worked in the ER for 10 years and it seems like Dalmatians and chows bit kids the most, then rots and pits. I don’t own a pit bull, but I don’t see how you can ban a breed. To much grey area here, just don’t get papers on the dog and say it is half Boxer. If it is a mix breed you shouldn’t be able to be fined. I do reserve the right however to protect myself against any aggressive dog by which I feel threatened thanks to the 2nd amendment. So if you do have a pit bull (or any other breed for that matter) and it becomes aggressive to your neighbor don’t blame them when they take care of business, because you didn’t keep the dog fenced.

  51. Jamie Winfield

    This ban is a load of bullshit. I currently own five pitbull, and guess what, they ALL stay in the house. I also have a three year old son, who crawls all over them like there will be no tomorrow. We love our pitbulls as more than dogs, they are our FAMILY. We will do everything we can to keep our babies. they have never shown aggression to anyone or anything. I have owned pitbulls for the last ten years. My first pitbull was a rescued bait dog out of a fighting ring. She is the sweetest thing on four legs. We have parents, other breeds, drugs, alcohol, and many other things out there doing more harm to out children then these pitbulls. Why are they focused on pitbulls. PEOPLE are the idiots that make pitbulls mean. So why dont you ban them.

    • I agree…….BAN all idiots. I am in Washington State but I’ve already sent one of the representatives in Texas a message, everyone should do the same. I will be very interested to see what happens with this, I hope you don’t live in Texas because I know if I did, I would have to move.

  52. They are wonderful dogs . I have 8 , none are aggressive . Punish The Deed (owner) , Not the Breed . . Pitbulls are wonderful animals , People should just chill , I admit some owners are stupid , but the dog is completely innocent they are just doing what they are told.. . Give the pitbulls a chance!!!

  53. This is the knee-jerk reaction to a horrible event. I see the ban as cruel and unusual punishment, not only for the animals who have done nothing wrong but now for the responsible owners too. The problem is the irresponsible owners – not the dogs. Would you send a 2 year old child away for the sins of his parents (same thing!!). I live in Washington State and I can say without any hesitation that if this happened in my state – I would move before I’d EVER give up my dog.

  54. You’ve got to be kidding right? Pit bulls are one of the friendliness breeds I know off, and if I had to say, a bit over friendly. A dog isn’t like a “ticking time bomb”. It’s how their bred and raised. Blame the people who breed incorrectly, blame the dog fighters, blame the abusers, not the dog. There are dog breeds out there that are bigger and stronger (and have a stronger bite) than pit bulls, yet you don’t see some of them having this problem.

    In fact, if anyone cares to remember, there was a pit bull that got an award for valor after saving its family from an intruder (mind you, in the process being shot 3 times).

    Blame the deed, not the breed.

  55. I hear the same story on other website, it is true other dogs bite and attack, but that not what’s in question its Fatal attacks. I am sorry if pit bulls are the number one public enemy (sorry Pitts and Rott lead this list) then something has to be done. Instead of writing how you’re pit-bull is this loving creature and small dogs bite just as much, come up with ideas on how to help the breed of dog you love. The problem comes too many of irresponsible people have pit bulls, and they breed them like rats. I can’t count how many times I see someone selling pit bull puppies on street corners, asking 50 bucks or less for them. Maybe there can be a law where if you have a pit bull it must be registered, or something can be done to keep down the breeding of the animal. Come up with ideas, something, more than I have a pit bull and he a wonderful dog or other dogs bite. You do nothing to help the breed you love.

    • Come find me (and many other responsible dog owners) and see how hard we work in the rescue, adoption, education, training, and safety arenas. Observe our productive interactions with state and local lawmakers, enforcement departments like animal control and the courts, social organizations like schools and nursing homes and animal shelters. Then come back and tell us again that we aren’t doing anything to help. It begs the question, though: What are YOU doing to help?

    • Tell you what, if the state is going to ban pit bulls, how about they ban Hispanics, African Americans, caucasions, Asian American, Italians, and any other groups that attack other people. A few bad apples spoil the whole barrel huh? If people like you want to start bannin things that are dangerous to human health then let’s start with the real problems that are currently much more important for day to day survival in this country. Alcohol, tobacco, illegal narcotics, pain clinics that dole out pain pills to addicts, just to name a few things off the top of my head. I agree with the Idea of registering your dogs, but it has to be unilateral, all breeds. Let’s not just target one group. I was raised with border collies, got bit by one when I three and had to have several stitches, but I didn’t become one of these paranoid people crying for the ban of a working breed( which the pit bull is by the way). Justin’s law is the start of something that we will not be able to control, that is, allowing federal, state, and local governments telling us what we can and can’t provide shelter for in the domesticated animal world. In the event of justin’s law being enacted, I’ll gladly take the felony, my dog is just as important to me as my child is. She has been by my side through thick and thin which is more than I can say about some people.

  56. Ok but the trouble is not with responsible dog owners, sorry but your breed is the number one dog of thugs, lowlife (can someone answer me the question why) around the country so for every one responsible person there are double who are not. You will always have this problem, and I understand, (not trying to be being rude), you said you are doing all you can, but your beloved breed is the number one dog of killing people Then you have a lot more work to do, and by the way I am not a fan of Pitt bull, one was loose some years ago and killed my jack Russell he was on a leash so you can write all the important things you do with the breed, I will never be a fan of pit bulls. I am against bans, having people required by law to register their Pitt bulls or all dogs in general is the way to go.

    • Kindly provide the scientific study that shows that “for every one responsible person there are double who are not.” In my experience, it is just the opposite. Your and my perspectives are merely anecdotal. That does not make it a fact. Similarly, the idea that “your breed” (whatever that is) “is the number one dog of thugs, lowlife” is also anecdotal. One could easily argue that the “pit bull” (I’m assuming that is what you meant by “your breed” even though it is neither mine nor a breed) is the number one dog, period. The “pit bull” population is huge. Pit bulls will naturally be the number one dog of both irresponsible and responsible owners.

      As to “why” it seems like thugs and lowlifes are attracted to pit bulls? That has been thoroughly examined and answered. It boils down to the stereotype that people, the media, and laws perpetuate. If you want a vicious dog, one that scares people, what type of dog pops into your head almost immediately? (What type of dog are people constantly railing against, legislating against, etc.?) What type of dog are you therefore most likely to get? What type of dog are you therefore going to abuse, neglect, and mistreat? If you really want to understand the “why,” I recommend the Pit Bull Placebo, which is a great book that is now available totally free online, so there’s no reason not to read it: http://nationalcanineresearchcouncil.com/ncrc-publications/

      There are a handful of deaths by dog every year. Those deaths by dog are almost always preventable. Those deaths by dog are also more highly correlated to unneutered male dogs than to any particular breed. The NCRC recently published their 2009 case study of all the dog bite fatalities that occurred that year. I recommend it, if you are open to a thoughtful read: http://nationalcanineresearchcouncil.com/dog-bites/types-of-dog-bites/fatal-dog-attack-reports/ These fatalities aren’t the result of random attacks, nor are they surprising when the circumstances are made known. I wonder why these deaths by dog are such an urgent issue for some people to want to “solve,” when there are so few such fatalities, and they follow such a predictable pattern? Furthermore, breed-specific measures have been tried, and have failed, to prevent these deaths.

      No one is trying to make you a “fan” of “pit bulls” or any other type of dog. You have every right to like and dislike whatever you want. I was bitten by a squirrel when I was four. You might laugh, but it was not funny. I was traumatized by the bite, and I hated and feared squirrels until I was nearly 20. Although that is not exactly the same as your situation, since a squirrel is an un-owned wild animal, I certainly know what it’s like to think that a particular type of animal is worthless scum–and I also know how to accept responsibility for my own attitude, and work through it without making others suffer because of it. (I’ve no problem with squirrels anymore, and I regret the years I spent wishing they would all spontaneously combust.)

  57. The law is ridiculous. Instead if punishing the breed punish the people who don’t responsibly take care of them. People need to understand that this breed is not all that dangerous, you just have to raise them right. If you don’t that your own fault. What happen to that boy is horrible, but truthfully any dog could have done it. Do some more research and don’t believe everything the media says. Dig deeper other dogs attack and kill people are just too blind to see.

  58. This is really ridiculous. I have a 8 month old mastiff/pit bull mix and she’s the sweetest thing ever. The problem isn’t the dog breed, it’s the people who raise them wrong. These dogs have a strong personality that needs a strong owner who can handle them with love and care. Any dog raised wrong can turn vicious. I have a 4 foot fence she doesn’t go over. Saying that owners have to have an 8 foot fence with a lock kids can’t get in is crazy too. If a kid opens a fence with a dog that they don’t own in it then that’s the fault of the parents who should have been watching them. It just outrages me that people have this idea that the dogs should be blamed. Don’t be dumb Texas, leave this legislation in the trash.

  59. I CAN NOT BELIEVE that people are even considering this! When did we as humans stop being responsible for our actions? Do these people pushing this non-sense even have dogs? Your dogs nature and personality is a direct result of how the people, (who are supposed to love them and care for them), treat their pets. Even if a dog is taken out of a very abusive situation, they can still be shown how to have a normal life. ANY DOG will show aggressive behavior if there owners abuse them, ANY DOG. I have had all types of dogs that I have either picked up off the street or saved from a neighbor who has abandoned them. My pit bull was left in a back yard, tired to a tree, left under a crate with no food or water for days! She was not a puppy when I brought her home. Even though she had no idea what human contact felt like or how to live with a family, she adapted quickly. This dog is a part of my family now and is the best kid-dog that I have ever seen. Even though she was neglected, abused, starved, and left for dead, she is the first one at the door ecstatic that her people are home. I have five rescue dogs, and all of them have had their issues. It’s up to owners to see what those issues are and work with them. PEOPLE, get your dogs fixed, don’t chain them up outside with no human contact, make sure they have shelter and access to food and water, make sure you have a secure area for them so they cant get out, and for Gods sake, show them that you love them! These animals will love you no matter what you do to them, so love them. If you can’t provide the simple basic things it takes to have a pet. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD< DON’T GET ONE!!!!!!!! I will go to jail before I let some idiot tell me I have to put down a member of my family. Don't let these people push this NON-SENSE any further and gentelmen, please stop wasting time on this issue. If you want to do good, push the enforcement on spade and neutering. Make people responsible for their pets! Make them pay if they don't. That is the only way to fix this problem. Exterminating a breed of dog because people have no concequences for thier actions is well, pardon me but lazy. This issue is a waste of time and your time should be better spent on, I don't know, how about keeping fine arts in our schools! Work on that instead. Thanks

  60. We have been fighting this fight for years against people ,who dont know anything about PITBULLS.I own 3 pitblls and have 4 children ranging in ages 4-21 and all have been raise with my pitbulls.I have never had an issue. I have a 8 year old pit named Petri and is part of the family.My 4 and 5 year old ride her like a horse , lay their head on her like a pillow when their watching tv.The only thing Petri does to them is love and lick them. I gave my mother one of my pits for protection , due to break -ins . They stopped when she put her in her yard. Pitbulls are very loyal, protective,and a very love and caring dog.They are very gentle also.Dont get me wrong i feel for a parent that has lost a child to an attack , but it wasnt the dogs fault because their owner was neglegent. Leash laws should be inforced more , animal control should patrol more , and there should be stiffer penalties for ignorant owners. Its like trying to get ban sports cars because they are to fast , cmon be real people. I will fight for my dog becuase she is one of my kids in my eyes. Thanks

  61. i love my pit, but i think every pit owner sould have to take a test and get a permit to own a pit maybe that would stop idots from owning them, my pit is a cgc, therapy, and search and rescue dog why ban a dog that is so needed in the world

  62. I have a pit bull and two other dogs and they all get along just fine. I take my pit bull on walks and the neighborhood kids play with her. She loves the attention. I would do anything for her to include move to another state if need to be but everyone can not afford to just pick up and leave. Pit bulls, just like any other pet, are more than just a pet…they are family. Instead of a Ban on Pit Bulls I think a certification would be more idealistic for everyone. I think the problem is not the dog but the irresponsible owner. If there was a required training and guidelines for owners or those wanting to be owners, maybe there would be less irresponsible ownership of these lovely animals.