Malden, MA: BSL to be proposed

Malden is considering a breed-specific ordinance similar to the one in Lynn, MA. The councillor who proposed it has said that “pit bulls” should be muzzled any time they are outside—including in the owner’s backyard. Nothing official has been prepared at this time. Please use this opportunity to suggest reasonable non-breed-specific ordinances to the council.

The discriminatory and stereotypical comments made by Councillor Kinnen in the articles below leave me speechless.

Contact info for Malden, MA city officials
200 Pleasant Street, Room 609, Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: (781) 397-7130
Fax: (781) 397-7004

Council emails:,,,,,,,,,,,

City Council meetings are held every Tuesday in the Herbert L. Jackson Council Chamber at Malden Government Center.

Ordinance to muzzle pit bulls in Malden passes key hurdle

November 17, 2010 10:03 AM
By Matt Byrne, Town Correspondent

A proposal to require all pit bulls to wear a muzzle in public passed a key hurdle last night, after the measure was unanimously recommended to the full City Council during an Ordinance Committee meeting.[…]

“When you see the people who are walking these dogs around, it’s just another weapon for them,” Kinnon said.[…]

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City considers muzzle law for Pit Bulls

By Erica Foster
October 20, 2010

Pit Bulls in Malden will soon wear muzzles when outside, even in their owners’ backyards, if a new ordinance is passed. The muzzle requirement was discussed at an Ordinance Committee meeting Tuesday night.[…]

“Pit-Bull owners don’t care to be responsible owners,” said Kinnon.[…]

Kinnon told Anderson that when other dogs bite, there is restitution, but Pit Bull owners “are other kinds of people.”[…]

Kinnon hopes to have all Pit Bulls muzzled at all time when outside, including in their own backyard, even if the owner has the dog leased or fenced in.

The matter was tabled for discussion at a later date.

Muzzling the dogs while in the owner’s backyard would make feeding the animals impossible. Kinnon said owners could simply bringing the dogs back inside for food and water.

“The owners can take responsibility and bring them inside. Truthfully, I don’t want them around, I don’t view these dogs as being pets, and if I lose five votes, I’m good with that,” said Kinnon.

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2 responses to “Malden, MA: BSL to be proposed

  1. were do u get off by saying pit bulls are bad ……. i have two and they are very well taken care of . and my children are safe as well . pit bulls are only bad when the owners treat them bad . just like people . i would never put that thing on my dogs . they have not only been there for my family as a friend but as a pertecter . if people can have guns to protect them selfs then i will keep my pit bulls witch are like my kids in my yard and house . the way they are . if u ever realy owened a pit bull and took care of it u would under stand . and its sad we are spending are time on some thing like this . when we should be more worried about how many people and children that are starven in thw united states shame on you …….

  2. So if we are going to follow kinnons discriminatory and stereotypical thinking why dont we just have all black people start wearing house arrest tracking devices. People like kinnon make me sick and sorry that i even moved to malden. They need to focus more on how to get these kids off of drugs an out of gang violence and less on helpless animals that dont have a voice.