Texas: Statewide ban unlikely, but local BSLs a possibility

Texas state law currently forbids municipalities from passing breed-specific laws.

Texas Senator Eltife and Representative Hopson were presented last week with a proposal to ban “pit bulls” statewide.

Eltife’s public comments indicate that he is aware that a statewide “pit bull” ban is unlikely to pass. However, he states he is interested in allowing municipalities to decide for themselves whether to pass breed-specific laws.

In other words, Eltife supports and may introduce a proposal that would eliminate the protection currently provided by state law.

If such a proposal were to pass, it would allow cities and counties across Texas to propose breed-specific laws and breed bans. This would create a patchwork of differing laws and proposals across the state, which means more places to watch for BSL, and more worry for Texas dog owners, as they no longer have the assurance that their dog is welcome in a town regardless of its appearance.

Several legislators who responded to StopBSL’s survey on BSL indicated that while they would not support statewide BSL, they had no issue with local breed-specific laws (apparently failing to understand that BSL is discrimination no matter where it goes into effect). Prefiling has started in Texas; we are watching the filings for further developments.

Senator Eltife weighs in on banning Pit Bulls

Posted: Nov 17, 2010 9:22 AM CST
Updated: Nov 17, 2010 10:59 AM CST

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – […] Senator Eltife tells KLTV 7, the ban would be difficult to enforce on a state level, and he would rather focus on controlling the dogs on a local level.

“I’m one of these guys, I’m pretty realistic on will pass and what won’t pass. I don’t see a state-wide ban passing. She sent us additional legislation that would give control to cities and counties and I want to work with her on that.”, said Eltife.[…]

Full article retrieved 11/17/10 from http://www.kltv.com/Global/story.asp?S=13518630

3 responses to “Texas: Statewide ban unlikely, but local BSLs a possibility

  1. This BSL is totally stupid. I don’t see Mrs (Kent) Stevens writing a ban against guns, which killed a young lady while see was eating chicken in Mrs (Kent) Stevens home town. That goes to show you how she thinks. Lets ban guns to Mrs (Kent) Stevens cause they kill far more than do dogs. Your a joke

  2. Wait lets ban mexicans next …. O wait that didn’t work either. But peoples pets thats a hanging offence …Really the jails aren’t over crowded enough with stupid first offenders let take the one in thirty other texans and cram all of them in jail for trying to have a heart . But most Pitbull owners I know are trying to socialize there dogs butwait , pitbulls are already banned at 95% of all dog parks . So lets just act like there isnt a biased against a smart dog. Whats next are we going back to White only Establishments ……. I will not be going to tyler anytime soon . I bet 20 pices of gold on that.

  3. I am a current bully breed owner. You should not be punishing people because they own this breed of dogs. I think it is unfair to pick out and ban specific breeds. I think it is as bad as racial profiling, You should be trying to focus on Catching and prosecuting those involved in dog fighting rather than taking peoples family pets away .