Yazoo, MS: Alderman wants pit bull ban

Alderman Aubrey Brent says “everyone knows” that pit bulls’ jaws lock.

City Hall, 128 East Jefferson Street, Yazoo City, MS  39194
Telephone:  662-746-3211
Fax:  662-746-6506
(The city website does not appear to reflect the most recent Aldermen.)

Board meetings are held the second and fourth Monday each month at 2:00 p.m.  They will take place at the Yazoo City Police Department in the board room.

Yazoo City Aldermen Differ on Pit Bull Ban

Reported by: Dustin Barnes
Email: dustinbarnes@jxntv.com
Last Update: 11/17 5:42 pm

[…] That’s why he [Alderman Aubrey Brent] would like a ban on them.[…]

“Everyone knows that when a pit bites down on you, his jaws are made in such a way as to they lock,” said Brent.[…]

No word yet on when — or even if — aldermen will pass a ban.

Full article retrieved 11/23/10 from http://www.my601.com/news/local/story/Yazoo-City-pit-bulls/244UoU-d_0mF_mYlne73ZQ.cspx

5 responses to “Yazoo, MS: Alderman wants pit bull ban

  1. All I have to say, WOW! People are so ignorant! Why must we have people like this that are actually allowed to speak with/to the public??!! Its insulting and damaging to our beloved breed!

  2. ignorance must run rampet in this country.NO DOGS(EVEN PIT BULLS) CAN NOT (LOCK)OR UNHINGE THEIR JAWS!!!!
    most large breed dogs have a strong bite,but not execessively so.
    The owner is usually the reason for a problem dog.Well trained and socialized,most dogs,YES EVEN PIT BULLS,can be loyal,loving,well manered members of society.PLEASE understand the laws should punish the owner,not the breed!!!

  3. Please educate yourself before you judge, Brent. Pit bulls are made the same as other dogs. They don’t have any secret powers that other dogs don’t have, their jaws are the same as others. They, like other big dogs, like to play and hanging tightly onto a toy/ball/rope, etc., is something ALL dogs do. That’s because they’re playing!!

    Do a little research before you spout off false information. It’s people like you who cause pit bulls to fill up the cages at the shelters or become euthanized.

    Dogs that are bad are bad because of their owners. It’s not the breed, it’s the person holding the leash who have trained their dogs to bite.

    Just so you know, a recent survey was taken (Google it if you must) and Labs have the highest bite rate among all dogs.

  4. Everyone knows that pit bulls jaws lock. Give me a break. Educated people know that pit bulls jaws do not lock. Don’t ya’ll have Google in Yazoo? On occasion it would be good to use it before opening pie hole.

  5. I watched the video. That black guy is so dumb. As we all know pit bulls jaws don’t lock. If they did they wouldn’t open their mouths everytime they go to eat and drink. Maybe before they think about banning dogs they should do their homework. I’m a pit bull owner and lover for ever.