Barstow, CA: City council to discuss vicious dog ordinance, Dec 6

Barstow has been considering breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter. The agenda for December 6 states:

Staff Reports
Recommended Action: Information item.

It is not known at this time what the staff report will contain. Concerned residents are encouraged to attend the meeting.

The council meeting will take place on December 6, 7:30 PM, in City Council chambers, 220 E. Mountain View, Barstow.

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2 responses to “Barstow, CA: City council to discuss vicious dog ordinance, Dec 6

  1. We are soon to be moving to the Barstow area because of a military transfer. I was told there was laws and ordinances I needed to review being I own a staffordshire terrier.
    I am confused as to this viscous dog ordinance. Because my dog is a particular breed you will immediately classify him as viscious? How ignorant of the representative of this area.
    My dogs, one being a staffordshire, the other a rottweiler have NEVER shown any form of viscious demeanor.
    How dare you who I doubtfully even own a large breed dog show such ignorant prejudices.
    Yes, when I get there I will fight with every power of my legal abilities to stop such ignorance by our so called official representatives.

    • April–Barstow is in the process of rewriting their vicious dog ordinance. As it stands now, the proposed changes are NOT breed-specific. California state law says that municipalities can only pass breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter, not breed-specific vicious dog laws. While breed-specific MSN was under consideration in Barstow at one point, they do not appear to have moved forward with it at this time.