Kirksville, MO: Proposed ban now breed-specific restrictions

Kirksville has been considering a ban on “pit bulls.” The study session agenda for December 6 indicates Kirksville has revised the ban. It is now breed-specific restrictions on “pit bulls.” (Specifics not known at this time.)

Locals may attend the study session (Dec. 6 at 4:30 PM). Locals should plan to attend the city council meeting on Dec. 20 at 6 PM, when the city council will vote on the proposal.


The Council has met and discussed issues concerning dangerous animals during four (4) Study Sessions and met with citizens in a separate public meeting. Based upon those conversations and input from the citizens an ordinance has been drafted and is ready for one final review of the City Council before it is placed on the formal agenda for adoption.

A significant change was made to the previous draft ordinance that would no longer prohibit pit bulls from being within the city limits, but would rather establish guidelines for pit bull ownership. This change can be found in the draft ordinance under “Restricted Animals.”

This ordinance was intended to be placed on the Council Agenda for Monday evening for possible consideration. However, there are a few revisions that still need to be made to properly incorporate this ordinance into the existing chapter, Chapter 5 Animal and Fowl of the Code of Ordinances.

The Council should be aware that letters were sent out to residents who attended the public meeting, the local veterinarians, Adair County Humane Society and the Field of Dreams Rescue asking that each work with the City on compliance and encourage everyone to license their pets.

Recommended Action:

Aside from fundamental opinions about whether or not to allow pit bulls, the draft ordinance that has been provided should address the direction of the City Council and will be placed on the December 20 agenda.

City of Kirksville, 201 South Franklin Street, Kirksville, MO 63501
Toll Free: 888-299-1223
660-665-0940 (fax)

City Council:
Todd Kuhns, Mayor, [Against ban, would support “compromise”]
Richard Detweiler, [Strongly for ban]
Carolyn Chrisman, [Against ban, suggested alternatives]
Tony Fajkus, [Against ban, for “compromise” including insurance, training]
Martha Rowe, [Previously for ban, now unsure, but still wants to “get rid of pit bulls”]

City Manager Mari Macomber,
City Clerk Vicki Brumbaugh,

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