Bristol Borough, PA: BSL still a top priority for council

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PA state law prohibits breed-specific laws.

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Lorraine Cullen,
James Lutz, 215-788-2647
Anthony Muccie,
Patrick Sabatini, 215-781-9003
Ralph DiGuiseppe,
Leo Plenski, Jr.,
Robyn Trunell,
Betty Rodriguez,

Next council meeting: December 13, 7 PM, at Borough Hall. Locals are invited to speak about this proposal.

Pit bull ordinance top priority

By: GEORGE MATTAR, Bucks County Courier Times

Although it may not become the law until early next year, Bristol Borough Council President Ralph DiGuiseppe reiterated Monday that he wants a muzzle ordinance for all pit bulls and pit bull mix breeds.

[…]”I don’t care what the state says; my job is to protect the people and other animals. I will push for this law,” DiGuiseppe said.

DiGuiseppe had told borough solicitor William Salerno last month to begin drafting up an ordinance, which would require all pit bulls to have a muzzle on when off private property. DiGuiseppe wants the ordinance to be voted on in February.[…]

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One response to “Bristol Borough, PA: BSL still a top priority for council

  1. I just adopted a pit bull shes 10 months and loves people and gets along great with other dogs. Why people ban the breed and have dumb rules for them is rediculous ..all dogs are potentially dangerous..its how every dog is raised. your muzzle ban will only make thre pit bull hystaria worse..people assume muzzles on dogs are ALL dangerous and therefore look down on them. if u have a muzzle law..u should muzzle up all damn dogs. just because you prob had a bad experience with a pit dont punish the public and the breed. . you people make me sick to my stomach. unless the dog was flagged as dangerous then the muzzle rule should be in effect.. my dog was about to be put down at the shelter and i took her in knowin she is a pit. and i am responsible dog owner..she is in classes every week…socializing everyday. id rather muzzle up politicians …they are the dangerous people. all they do is lie and create a bad image for this breed. if this passes which it prob wont bc u cant keep tabs on every damn dog. our taxes we pay should go to better use then arresting pit bull owners with great dogs. worry more about schools and roads…and theft in our homes. and stop puttin people away for petty shit . get an iq for once …worst city council people ever. muzzle the people who make mean dogs…stop blaming the damn breed. bunch of immature people you guys are. maybe if people stop poking sticks and abusing them the damn dogs would have no reason to bite.