Van, TX reminder: Council to discuss breed ban, Dec 9

A resident of Van, TX has asked city council to ban “pit bulls” and Rottweilers.

Texas state law prohibits breed-specific laws, but Van city council says they will give his request “serious consideration.” They plan to discuss the issue during the December 9th council meeting.

Van City Hall, 189 S. Maple Street, Van, TX 75790
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One response to “Van, TX reminder: Council to discuss breed ban, Dec 9

  1. For the record, my husband and I are law abiding, tax paying citizens of TX. We are in complete, 100 percent disagreement with this proposal. Breed specific legislation is no different than human discrimination or human profiling!!! Human or not, this legislation is 100% RACIST. No two humans are alike and neither are any two dogs. Please DO NOT even remotely consider this ridiculous, bogus legislation.