Van, TX: Dog ordinance to be discussed in March

Van, TX city council took no action at last night’s meeting, where a resident has asked the council to pass a ban or BSL against “pit bulls” (and Rottweilers, according to some news reports).

Van city council decided to form a four-person committee to research the issue. The resident who requested the ban will be on the committee, as will two councilmembers. It is not known who the fourth member will be, but one hopes it is someone with a solid understanding of public safety and dog behavior.

Council will discuss the committee findings in March 2011.

Van City Council meets on proposed pit bull ban

Posted: Dec 09, 2010 9:34 PM CST
By Taylor Hemness

[…]While there were some pretty strong opinions voiced in Wednesday night’s city council meeting, the tone stayed civil and quiet.[…]

Ultimately, no action was taken at the meeting. But the council decided to form a four person committee–two council members, two citizens–to research the issue and come back in March. Douglas Wolfe told us that he’s just glad people are taking this seriously.[…]

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