Friday Harbor, WA: Whispers of BSL

Friday Harbor plans to update its dangerous dog laws to reflect county and state dog laws, which are not breed-specific. However, a citizen has called for a “pit bull” ban in Friday Harbor, and the local news media seems to support this breed-specific effort. Locals should watch and participate in the dog law update to ensure it does not become breed-specific.

Friday Harbor town council will discuss dangerous dog regulations during their council meeting on Jan 6, 2011, at 5:30 PM in Town Council Chambers, 60 Second Street.

Contact info for Friday Harbor officials:
Amy Taylor, Town Clerk, 360-378-2810,

Pitbull that bit child released to owner; Friday Harbor will discuss possible dangerous dog law


[…] Under county and state law, a dog can be designated a “potentially dangerous” dog if, when unprovoked, it bites a human or domestic animal on public or private property. A “potentially dangerous” dog can be labeled a “dangerous” dog if it takes an aggressive posture toward someone. Each level comes with mandated controls, in some cases signage indicating the dog is dangerous. A dangerous dog that takes an aggressive posture toward someone can be ordered euthanized.

[…]Friday Harbor Town Attorney Adina Cunningham said the town is updating its law so that it mirrors the county and state’s; the Town Council will discuss the issue Jan. 6.[…]

Pierce’s father, Shawn Kleine, wrote a letter to the editor in the Dec. 29 Journal, calling for pitbulls to be outlawed within town limits or at least kept away from highly populated areas like libraries and schools.[…]

— STATE LAW: Revised Code of Washington, Chapter 16.08 RCW, Dogs.

— COUNTY LAW: San Juan County Code, Title 6, Animals.

— TOWN LAW: Friday Harbor Municipal Code, Title 6, Animals.

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  1. That Friday Harbor article is full of all kinds of hyperbole. Must be the region. ;)