LeFlore County, OK: Whispers of BSL

Nothing official has been proposed—nor has anyone approached the county board and requested a change in the law. Unclear who the “other LeFlore County residents” are in this article; perhaps the media is just trying to stir up controversy. Nevertheless, locals should be aware of this possible push for BSL.

The family and other LeFlore County residents want the county to take action. Some say pet owners do not keep their dogs locked up properly. Dallas’ family wants pit bulls banned for good. “No pit bulls allowed around children at all cause they’re too dangerous,” said Phillips.

Full article retrieved 1/6/11 from http://www.kspr.com/news/local/kfsm-river-valley-toddler-in-hospit-01052011,0,6557176.story

3 responses to “LeFlore County, OK: Whispers of BSL

  1. Pit bull 90 % ok 10 % faul
    Wolf dog 90% ok 10 % faul
    Huski 90 % ok 10 % faul
    ok ?

  2. W Polsce jest tak
    1.Dog mix atack ok
    2.Huski atack ok
    3.Labrador mix atack ok
    4. Amer Staff mix atack ALARM !!!!! HELP, ALARM !!!!!