Ohio: HB 14 would remove statewide BSL

Ohio state law currently considers all “pit bulls” (defined as “any dog commonly known as a pit bull”) to be “vicious” dogs, and places special ownership restrictions and requirements on all dogs identified as “pit bulls.”

Ohio Representative Barbara Sears has filed HB 14, which would remove the breed-specific language from state law, meaning that “pit bulls” would be treated like any other dog, and “pit bull” owners would be treated like any other dog owner.

This bill was filed last year as HB 79 and passed the state house as HB 55, but did not pass the Senate in time. Sears has refiled the bill for the current legislative session. It must pass hearings, the House, and the Senate to become law.

This bill needs strong, loud public support in order to pass. Please contact your Ohio state legislators and ask them to support this law.

StopBSL will provide updates as this bill moves through the legislative process, but Ohio residents need to be extremely proactive. Similar efforts in previous years have all failed.

You may read the bill here: http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=129_HB_14

You may track the bill here: http://lsc.state.oh.us/coderev/hou129.nsf/House+Bill+Number/0014?OpenDocument

3 responses to “Ohio: HB 14 would remove statewide BSL

  1. rico carrasquillo

    we need to try do the same thimg in boson Mass.

  2. Maryann Reimund

    This law makes me sick and it is nothing more than a money maker. I own a pit mix and this dog is nothing more than a huge baby who thinks she must be in your lap at all times. ANY DOG can be considered vicious as ANY DOG can bite at any given moment!! How unfair it is to say that anydog with Pit must be classified as vicious! Why not just ban ALL pets. Who ever came up with this law needs to adopt a pit.
    ANY dog can be trained to harm!!! Again banish this ridiculous law and deal with justice those who train any dog to be harmful. Your placing the laws on the wrong subjects!!

  3. I live in Ohio and an am a owner of a Pitbull…please help us with all the support we could use…let us be an example and get rid of this BSL once and for all!!! It is only a money maker which targets all the responsible dog owners of this breed for extra insurance etc…this needs to stop here and everywhere else enough!!!