Smithville, OH: Pit bull ban proposal rejected

I recommend following the article link to read the full article. It clearly identifies the numerous reasons why the pit bull ban was rejected by the city council, including loud opposition from the public, unfavorable news media coverage, and statistics that demonstrated that “pit bulls” were not a problem in Smithville.

Remember, however, that state law already considers all “pit bulls” to be “vicious”—and Smithville will enforce the special restrictions placed on pit bulls by state law.

Pit bull ban option hits the bone pile in Smithville


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SMITHVILLE — Council, while not taking an official vote on the matter, nonetheless decided to stop consideration of a pit bull ban within Smithville’s limits after an onslaught from (local and national) opponents of breed-specific legislation.[…]

Instead, the village will enforce the minimum requirements in the Ohio Revised Code regarding pit bulls, such as having liability insurance for owners.[…]

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One response to “Smithville, OH: Pit bull ban proposal rejected

  1. The letters, emails, and phone calls made all the difference in Smithville. There were only a few locals who showed up to speak against the proposed ban. Consistent attendance by one person at all subsequent Town Council meetings, throughout the WHOLE meeting (There was fear the Council might bring up the subject again after interested advocates had departed – good thing at least one advocate stayed because the Council did just that!).

    Thank you to all you NON-Locals who supported the Locals. You made the difference. The town Council members just wanted the mail, emails, and phone calls to stop!

    You made our small voice into a mighty voice!

    Thank you so much for your help!