Hamden, CT: Whispers of BSL

Some citizens have asked whether Hamden town council can or will consider banning “pit bulls.” However, the council president has expressed concerns about such an idea.

Locals are encouraged to participate in this town’s dialogue to ensure that any council actions taken are breed-neutral. Please provide polite, productive correspondence that offers reasonable alternatives to breed-specific laws.

Contact info for town officials: http://www.hamden.com/content/7089/7093/7858/default.aspx

Hamden official targets aggressive dogs

Published: Saturday, January 15, 2011
By Ann DeMatteo, Assistant Metro Editor

HAMDEN — After listening to concerns from Dunbar Hill area residents, Legislative Council President James Pascarella said he’ll ask town officials if rules can be passed on aggressive dogs.[…]

People said they were concerned about roaming pit bulls, and the topic of banning the dogs was raised.[…]

Pascarella said it would be difficult to ban a specific breed, but it might be easier to codify what constitutes aggressive animals and how the town can regulate them for the public’s safety through an ordinance.[…]

Pascarella said he will talk to Mayor Scott D. Jackson about the issue and ask if the administration can do some research.

“I heard the concerns and I’m concerned, also. I would like to do research before proposing something,” he said.

Full article retrieved 1/17/11 from http://nhregister.com/articles/2011/01/15/news/metro/cc1hadogs011411.txt?viewmode=fullstory

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