North Carolina: Parent calls for pit bull laws

A man in North Carolina intends to ask state lawmakers for laws regulating “pit bulls.”

Father of pit bull attack survivor speaks about tougher dog laws, education

Posted: Jan 21, 2011 4:19 PM CST

[…Thomas] Clark says his mission now is to educate others and lobby for stiffer dangerous dog laws.

“There are many ways to go about it. My preference is to treat it like a lion, tiger or bear. If you want a lion, tiger or bear bad enough you can get one but there are sorts of restrictions, special permits and insurance to get one,” Clark said.

Clark says he’s seen an outpouring of support from the community and plans to write legislators to see what stance they’ll take on the issue.

Clark disputes claims by pit bull advocates that just like any dog, pit bulls need the proper training and socialization.[…]

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6 responses to “North Carolina: Parent calls for pit bull laws

  1. I met with Mint Hill City Council .. they don’t want a BSL Law ….

  2. Im sorry for the attack on his daughter. i dont believe in viscious animals. Bls is wrong. To punish all of the pittbull owners is wrong. i have one and she is the sweetest thing ever. Please give them a chance.

  3. I am also sorry for the attack on his daughter; but why punish all pittbulls? I mean lets look at this from a different point of view,
    did we punish all Germans for what Hitler and his mean did? NO. So why would you do that to a dog breed? Yes, I understand that because of the pitts that do fight, we look at all pitts like they are time bombs waiting to spring a attack. Which isn’t true at all. I worked with a vet, and I’ll never forget the pitt that was in a fight that came in. He had the fear and hurt in his eyes, when I put my hand on his hand he just sighed like it was over. Now he’s a happy dog who lives in a loving house with kids and other dogs. And the only thing that is left from his past is his scares. It all has to do with how you train them and bring them up. I have 3 pitts and I can say they are all loving and caring. They are great with other dogs and people. So in my opinion should we have a BSL, NO. Because it’s wrong, you punish the dog who fights gets hurt or even dies instead of the owners who train their dogs to do that. Where is logic in that? Seriously instead of nipping it at the bud you nip the flower- so to speak. When any breed of dog could attack and be viscious.

  4. Pit bulls are not aggressive towards humans by nature. I have two pits and they are the SWEETEST dogs ever. They love my little beagle and have never hurt him. They love my ferret and have never hurt her. They love all people and children. My oldest was a therapy dog for 7 years. If pits are so aggressive then how can you explain Petey the Pit from Little Rascals and how do you explain the Pit in Beverly Hills Chihuahua? Working with small dogs and people? BSL suporters need to get their facts straight.

  5. Amanda Harrison

    My sympathy on the attack on your daughter. BSL isnt the answer, many pitbulls are therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, service dogs to police as bomb sniffers. We need laws that make owners have to be responsible. PitBulls are not the only breed that attacks and alot of time they are misidentified and are not even a pitbull. Fact: Out of the estimated 53 million dogs in the United States 92 fatal attacks are contributed to Pit Bulls or Pit Bull Mixes (2 were from American Staffordshire Terriers) from 1965-2001.

    Source: Fatal Dog Attacks by Karen Delise

    Imagine that. 53 million dogs. 92 fatal attacks out of 431 that span a 37 year period (1965-2001). Now I ask you, after looking at the numbers do we have a dangerous dog problem?

    During that time period for my state of Kentucky there were 9 fatal dog attacks. Only one was a Pit Bull “type” dog.

    Another attack during that time frame for my state was a Dachshund that killed a 14 day old baby after jumping in his crib.

    Do we have a dangerous dog problem or is it being sensationalized to sell newspapers and create panic?

    Fatal dog attacks by dangerous dogs are almost non-existent. 20 a year out of millions of dogs. The percentages are estimated to be somewhere around .0000004% of dog attacks are fatal

  6. Amanda Harrison

    with the above being said, our true problem is to make it mandatory to sapy/neuter pets and leave the breeding to the professionals who better the breed producing well balanced show quality bullies.(pitbulls)
    In all dog attacks most are male and un neutered, most are chained as pets, most are the result of drug dealers breeding and fighting these dogs creating unstable pitbulls just to make money. BSL truly isnt the answer. All dogs have the potential to attack and even kill. If we keep allowing BSL to be passed our future is one with “no” dogs in it. There are news articles on cocker spaniels, dauschounds, poodles, labs, retrievers, chiuahuas, exc. that have attacked, mamed and killed. Do we truly want to wipe out all dog breeds? BSL is meant to pass laws that place restrictions on certain breeds, not to eliminate them. Many loved great pets who have never harmed anyone are taken from their homes and destroyed because of BSL. This is not right.