Cypress, CA reminder: Council to discuss breed-specific MSN, Jan 24

Cypress, CA is considering breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter. The agenda for Jan 24 at 6:30 PM includes the following item, which appears to give council three options to consider–two of which are not breed-specific:


Prepared by: Andrew Tse, Administrative Services Manager

Recommended Action: That the City Council review and discuss the draft ordinance and: 1) Direct staff to prepare a finalized version of the proposed “Mandatory Spay/Neuter Program” ordinance (Attachment B), provide policy direction regarding specific components of the draft ordinance, as identified herein, and direct staff to place the ordinance on the City Council agenda for introduction and first reading; or in the alternative 2) Direct staff to prepare an ordinance amending certain sections of the Cypress Municipal Code, Chapter 3, Section 3-1, to increase the stringency of the Potentially Dangerous Dog Program to dog owners who are deemed in violation of the City’s Dangerous and Vicious Animals Ordinance by O.C. Animal Care officials; and/or 3) Direct staff to request O.C. Animal Care to increase canvassing, public education efforts, licensing, and enforcement activities in the Marion Avenue neighborhood and other areas as determined by O.C. Animal Care to have issues with potentially dangerous animals.

Residents are encouraged to attend the council meeting and guide the discussion toward the second or third option, which are not breed-specific.

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2 responses to “Cypress, CA reminder: Council to discuss breed-specific MSN, Jan 24

  1. Well the meeting went well. The animal control officer that is calling for the ban made a less-than-impressive showing and it looks like the Council might decide to not move forward. We will need to fill the next meeting because that is when community statements can be made.

    I want to thank the anti-BSL community for helping us. The fight is not over, but we are one step closer to a WIN!