Oklahoma: SB362 would allow BSL in Oklahoma

Edit 4/10/11: This bill died in committee.

Oklahoma state law currently prohibits municipalities from passing BSL. Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey has introduced a bill (Cody’s Law) that would eliminate the language prohibiting breed specific ordinances in Oklahoma.

B. Potentially dangerous or dangerous dogs may be regulated through local, municipal and county authorities, provided the regulations are not breed specific. Nothing in this act shall prohibit such local governments from enforcing penalties for violation of such local laws.

The bill has been set to be introduced at a first reading on February 7, 2011.

You can track the bill’s progress here: http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.us/WebBillStatus/main.html

At this time, the Senate bill has no House companion.

It is imperative for Oklahoma residents to reach out to their respective legislators NOW, in this Bill’s initial stage, and voice their opposition to it.

To find your Senator: http://www.capitolconnect.com/oklahoma/
To find your representative in the House: http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/

Thanks to Jodi for this alert!

2 responses to “Oklahoma: SB362 would allow BSL in Oklahoma

  1. I do not live in Oklahoma, but my own home is being over run with people trying to ban this amazing breed because of people who abuse and misuse them. And largely inpart to people listening to the media instead of facts. I welcome anyone to come to my home, look at my 4 month old puppy and tell her she is a vicious man killer. STOP BSL. Before it’s too late!

  2. If little ankel biters were the size of pits they would be the “most dangerous” dogs…. its crazy ppl say a whole breed is bad because of a few individuals that raise there dogs to fight or be aggressive. Any dog can be aggressive and to say all pit bulls are killers or the will turn on u or whatever ppl wanna say is so untrue and is predjuice against this breed. Look up the facts b4 u make ur decision on any breed and it is really true it all in how the dog is raised if its raised a fighter any dog or any breed will be a fighter and vise versa