Aberdeen, SD: Police request breed ban

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Next city council meeting: Monday, Jan 31, at 5:30 PM at 123 South Lincoln Street, Aberdeen, SD 57401.

Contact info for city officials:
Mayor Mike J. Levsen, mayor@aberdeen.sd.us
Phone: (605) 626-7025
City Manager Lynn Lander, lynn.lander@aberdeen.sd.us
Ph: (605) 626-7025
Fx: (605) 626-7039
Jim Kraft, NE District Council Member, james.kraft@aberdeen.sd.us
Jeff Mitchell, NE District Council Member, jeff.mitchell@aberdeen.sd.us
Todd Campbell, NW District Council Member, todd.campbell@aberdeen.sd.us
Jennifer Slaight-Hansen, NW District Council, jennifer.slaight-hansen@aberdeen.sd.us
 Clint Rux, SE District Council Member, clint.rux@aberdeen.sd.us
Laure Swanson, SE District Council Member, laure.swanson@aberdeen.sd.us
Tom Agnitsch, SW District Council Member, tom.agnitsch@aberdeen.sd.us
David Bunsness, SW District Council Member, david.bunsness@aberdeen.sd.us

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mayor@aberdeen.sd.us; lynn.lander@aberdeen.sd.us; james.kraft@aberdeen.sd.us; jeff.mitchell@aberdeen.sd.us; todd.campbell@aberdeen.sd.us; jennifer.slaight-hansen@aberdeen.sd.us; clint.rux@aberdeen.sd.us; laure.swanson@aberdeen.sd.us; tom.agnitsch@aberdeen.sd.us; david.bunsness@aberdeen.sd.us

Aberdeen Police Request Pit Bull Ban

By Erich Schaffhauser
Published: January 24, 2011, 10:19 PM

ABERDEEN, SD – It’s not every day you’ll see standing room only in Aberdeen’s city council chamber. But a requested pit bull ban drew in a large crowd Monday.

Police are asking the city council to pass a law banning the breed but allowing those already in the city to stay.[…]

Councilman David Bunsness supports a ban.[…]

But other council members are sighting other stats that don’t support a breed-specific ban as a solution. Dog bites in general rose in Aberdeen and bites from small, mix-breed dogs increased by almost the same number as pit bull bites.[…]

Now it’s up to the city council to decide which of those possibilities, if any, they’ll take. Aberdeen’s attorney hasn’t said for sure where he’ll go from here. He may ask the council to vote in a future meeting whether they even want him to draft an ordinance.[…]

Full article retrieved 1/25/11 from http://www.keloland.com/NewsDetail6162.cfm?Id=0,109805

Another article can be read at http://www.aberdeennews.com/news/aan-1a.01-25-11.1a.pitbulls-20110125,0,5546232.story

2 responses to “Aberdeen, SD: Police request breed ban

  1. I own and American Pit Bull Terrier and live 2hrs from Aberdeen. My “pit bull” is a Certified Search and Rescue K9 and has worked with the Sioux Falls police department!

    Punish the deed not breed! Make the other side of the leash responsible.

  2. Eric, I’ve seen you post up in quite a few arguments about BSL’s, and if they found a single person to be a spokesperson, and I’d be glad for you to be my voice.

    Thank you for being a advocate, pits, or not…..
    Dan VanBerkum