Cypress, CA: Council decides against BSL

Cypress, CA city council was given three options for tackling their dog problems: mandatory spay/neuter for “pit bulls,” strengthening of existing dog laws, and better enforcement of existing dog laws. The council studied available data and decided against the breed-specific measure.

Cypress won’t order neutering for pit bulls

Published: Jan. 25, 2011

CYPRESS – This city won’t become the first in Orange County to order the spaying and neutering of pit bulls after all.

Instead, the City Council ordered staffers to come up with new laws strengthening animal-control enforcement in the city and making it easier for dogs to be declared dangerous.

[…]A city report on the subject noted that pit bulls were the most-impounded breed of dog by animal-control officers, with 28 last year. Chihuahuas followed at 27; and Labradors with 15. Of the city’s 617 calls for service, 177 involved pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

However, of the 99 bites to humans reported in Cypress last year, none involved pit bulls. Pit bulls did account for the largest number of dog-on-dog attacks, with 12 reported.

The city examined other communities around California that require pit bulls to be fixed. Most were passed in 2009 and 2010; and Cypress officials said there was too little data to determine whether the laws there had made a difference in pit bull-related problems.

[…] A new proposed ordinance will return to the City Council later this year.

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