Oklahoma SB362 moves to General Government Committee

Edit 4/10/11: THIS BILL IS DEAD.

Oklahoma SB362 (“Cody’s Law”), which would allow OK municipalities to pass breed-specific laws, has been assigned to the General Government Committee.

Oklahoma residents are encouraged to contact the committee members and ask them not to support SB 362.

Contact information for the General Government Committee members
Senator Cliff Aldridge, Chair, aldridge@oksenate.gov
Senator Roger Ballenger, Vice Chair, ballenger@oksenate.gov
Senator Tom Adelson, adelson@oksenate.gov
Senator Bill Brown, brownb@oksenate.gov
Senator Harry Coates, coates@oksenate.gov
Senator Byrce Marlatt, marlatt@oksenate.gov
Senator Andrew Rice, rice@oksenate.gov
Senator Ralph Shortey, shortey@oksenate.gov
Senator Greg Treat, Treat@oksenate.gov

Email block for cut-and-paste:
aldridge@oksenate.gov; ballenger@oksenate.gov; adelson@oksenate.gov; brownb@oksenate.gov; coates@oksenate.gov; marlatt@oksenate.gov; rice@oksenate.gov; shortey@oksenate.gov; Treat@oksenate.gov

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